We regret to record the passing of Mr. W. G. Edwards at Bishopstoke on February 25th after a long and painful illness at the age of 47 years.

Mr. Edwards was born at Calverton, Bucks, and was taught to ring on the bells at the Parish Church. There and at the neighbouring tower of Stoney Stratford he did all his early ringing.

In 1910 his work took him to Eastleigh, where he joined the North Stoneham band, and remained attached to that tower until his death, although he had resided for some years at Bishopstoke. He formed one of the Surprise band that was built up at North Stoneham by Mr. G. Williams.

Mr. Edwards did not keep a record of his peals, but they number about 80 from Doubles to London Surprise Major. With one or two exceptions they were rung for the Oxford and Winchester Guilds.

The funeral took place at Bishopstoke on February 29th. Mr. G. Williams (Master) represented the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, and members were present from Bishopstoke, North Stoneham, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Following the lowering of the coffin, a plain course of Grandsire Caters was rang on handbells over the grave by N. Curtis 1-2, J. Faithful 3-4, G. Williams 5-6, F. Bayley 7-8, D. C. Williams 9-10. The church bells were also rung half-muffled immediately after the service.

During the evening a peal of Grandsire Caters, with the clappers half-muffled, was rung at North Stoneham as a last token of respect.

The Ringing World No. 1303, March 13th, 1936, page 179