One of the most respected and esteemed citizens of Winchester recently passed away in the person of Mr. James William Elkins, who had been for more than 50 years a verger at the Cathedral and was for long a member of the band of ringers. The deceased gentleman was born in 1854, and from his twelfth year had lived in the shadow of the Cathedral, which he served as verger and afterwards as Sub-Sacrist and Sub-Librarian, in the discharge of which duties he endeared himself to all who came in contact with him. To him the Cathedral was not so much a building of historic interest as a spiritual friend, which he had learned to love by long association and contact, and this was the impression which he was able to convey to many of those whom he conducted over the great church.

His life at the Cathedral brought him in contact with many famous and important persons, including the late King and Queen Mary and the present King and Queen. He was a member of the Winchester Diocesan Guild and at one time served as district secretary and treasurer.

The funeral service was held in the Cathedral and was attended by a large number of people, testifying to the extraordinary regard in which Mr. Elkins was held. The clergy taking part included the Bishop, the Dean, Canon Lloyd and the Precentor. All the Cathedral clergy were present, with four of the honorary canons and the full choir. The Dean preached an eloquent sermon, and immediately afterwards the whole pull and stand was rung with the bells half-muffled, followed by a touch of Grandsire Caters, conducted by Mr. Wilfrid Andrews, captain of the Cathedral band.

The Ringing World No. 1478, July 21st, 1939, page 466