A meeting of the Executive Committee was held on Saturday 20th March 1982 in the St. Lawrence Parish Rooms, Colebrook St., Winchester, at 1430 hours. 18 members were present. Mrs. Gilian Davis, the Guild Master, was in the chair, supported by the Hon. General Secretary Mr.D.C.Jackson. Mrs. Davis opened the meeting with a prayer and then welcomed Miss.C.Olding who was proxy for the convener of the Education sub-committee.

Apologies for absence

Written apologies had been received from Mr.J.Colliss, Mr.G.Grant, Mr.R.Cater, and Mr.L.Bailey. Verbal apologies were received from Mrs.P.Nabb, Mr.P.Taylor and Mr. J.Foot.

Loss of members through death

The meeting stood in silence to respect the following deceased members:-

Mrs.Balaam (Basingstoke); Mr.J.Hartless (Eling); Mr.J.Lewis (Upton Grey); Mr.R.Menzies (Eling).

Honorary Life Members

Mr.Smith stated that Mr.H.Symes of Micheldever was elected a member of the Guild on 14th Jan. 1928 and was therefore eligible for life membership at the next A.G.M. It was proposed by Mr.Jackson and seconded by Mr.Collins that Mr.C.Denyer, recently retired after twelve years as editor of "The Ringing World" be considered for life membership in July. Mr.Collins had conducted Mr.Denyer's first quarter-peal after his election as a member of the Winchester Diocesan Guild and remembered him as a small lad in short trousers. Mr.Smith requested that Mr. Denyer be invited to attend the Guild A.G.M. The proposition was carried.


Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on 12th December 1981 had been duplicated and circulated by the secretary with the agendas. Mrs. Cater pointed out that the Ringing World editor would be a guest of the Cater family at the Guild Dinner, and that the report of the social sub-committee should be amended. Cdr.Harris questioned the term District P.R.O. in the report of the Guild P.R.O. It was agreed that this should read District Press Officer. The minutes were then accepted on the proposition of Mr.Croft, seconded by Mr.Nabb.

Matters arising

(a) Letters had been received from Yateley acknowledging receipt of grants from the Guild B.R.F. and from the Manifold Trust.

(b) The film "Birth of a Bell" had been received but a problem had arisen over the projector. A special Super-8 projector with non-optical sound was required and the only source of such was a commercial firm in Eastleigh who would charge £9 +V.A.T. per day. The Guild Officers did not feel they could justify this extra expense without reference to the Executive Committee, particularly as similar hire charges would be experienced each time the film might be used by Guild members. It was proposed by Mr.LeMarechal and seconded by Mr.Nabb that the secretary return the film and request that any further copies be made on Video cassette, suitable for use on equipment more readily available. This was agreed.

(c) A letter had been received from Mr.M.Tyler stating that the meeting concerned with C.C. graded assessments would be arranged soon.

(d) The secretary stated that all 50 unsold coffee mugs had been purchased at Annual District Meetings.

(e) Mr.Esbester announced that the beer glasses had been delivered to his house.


(a) Letters had been received from the Deans of Guernsey and Jersey thanking the Guild for the invitations to become Vice Presidents.

(b) The C.C. Rescue Fund had requested 45% of the promised loan to help save the 10 bells of St.Catherine's, Feltham. A cheque for £22 had been sent.

(c) The secretary of the C.C. had written requesting donations to the "C.W.Denyer Testimonial Fund". It was proposed by Mr.Collins and seconded by Mr.Croft that the Guild makes a donation of £10. This was agreed, nem. con.

Hon. General Secretary's report

This report had been duplicated and circulated with the agendas. The meeting requested two deletions, one transposition and one addition. It was agreed that the amended report appear in the 1981 Guild Report, on the proposition of Mr.Chapman, seconded by Mr.Routh.

Hon. General Treasurer's report

In the absence of Mr.Colliss, Mr.Esbester circulated copies of the accounts to be printed in the 1981 Report. Cdr.Harris pointed out that under INCOME for the Central Fund, item ADVERTS. IN REPORTS, the sum should be £54-50 and not £52-50. With this correction the accounts were accepted, on the proposition of Cdr.Harris, seconded by Mr.Croft. Mr.Smith expressed dissatisfaction with the accounting system. These were for the year 1980 in fact, and our accounts were always two years in arrears. Mr.Esbester passed on the dissatisfaction of the treasurer in that he did not have the accounts and dues from three districts. The secretary expressed his dissatisfaction over this disregard of Rule 13 which prevented him from stating total Guild membership in his report.

Hon. Peal Recorder's report

Mr.R.LeMarechal presented the details due for printing in the 1981 Guild Report, in which he underlined certain outstanding and historic performances. This report was accepted on the proposition of Mr.Smith, seconded by Mr.Holdsworth.

Hon. Librarian's report

In the absence of Mrs.P.Nabb, Cdr.Harris read the report to be printed in the 1981 Guild Report, while Mr.Nabb presented the accounts of the library fund. Money had been expended mainly upon building up the Scrap Books and on running costs. Mr.Esbester presented a proposition from Mr.Colliss that the fund be "topped up to £50". An amendment to give a grant of £50 was proposed by Mr.Smith, seconded by Mr.Collins, and carried nem. con. Mr.Smith was troubled by dampness in St.Mary's belfry and the possible resultant damage to expensive books. Mrs.Cater asked if it could be housed in Winchester Cathedral. Mr.Croft wished to make a strong suggestion that this be further investigated, utilising the link he had forged with Dean Stancliffe in Centenary Year.

1981 Guild Report

Cdr.Harris expressed dissatisfaction with the failure of certain District Secretaries to act upon their deadlines of 28th February stated in Rule 17. For the second year running, certain district reports had been handed to him at the start of the Executive Meeting and this was not good enough. The lack of up-to-date information from Basingstoke District led to some angry exchanges. The location of Southampton University Guild of Change Ringers was discussed at length, since, this year, members had paid their subscriptions to Winchester District in order to participate in the District Striking Competition. Miss.Hartless proposed and Mr.Esbester seconded, that the usual, general details be printed under Christchurch & Southampton District while members' names be printed under Winchester District. This was agreed.

Lacking accurate numbers from certain districts he had asked for quotations for 1100 copies to be printed. John Hilton quoted £543, John Longridge quoted £652, and Cornwall Lithographies quoted £950. The former now advertised in "The Ringing World" and the sample of his work was quite satisfactory. However, due to an abundance of orders he needed to plan his printing schedules well in advance, and, for Reports to be available before the A.G.M., a decision had to be taken to accept the quotation during the previous February. The three principal officers had done this on behalf of the Guild, since it would produce a saving of about £100. It was proposed by Mr.Le.Marechal seconded by Mr.Esbester, that the decision be endorsed, and that copies be sold to non-resident members and ringers at £1 a copy, or £1-25 post free. This was carried, nem. con.

Guild Public Relations Officer

Mr.Nabb gave a summary of his activities in this field since his appointment last July. All districts, except Andover, now have a District Press Officer. The establishment of a book stall, available for use at Guild and District functions, was challenged by Messrs. Esbester and Smith. In the Christchurch and Southampton District this service is performed very efficiently by the District Secretary. Mr.Nabb agreed that this was a much better idea. It was proposed by Mr.Collins, seconded by Mr.Croft, that all District Secretaries be encouraged to supply and sell ringing publications. This was carried against 1 vote.

Mr.Nabb requested a grant for the purchase of publicity material. He suggested it be stored in the Guild Library, being ready-to-hand, insured and available on loan to Guild members. The meeting was not happy with this idea, since it was not possible to ensure that the Guild Librarian and the Guild P.R.O. would always live in the same house. A new rule was proposed by Mr.Esbester and seconded by Mr.Smith:-

"Publicity material shall be kept under the control of the Guild Public Relations Officer who shall be accountable to the Executive Committee for it. He shall maintain an Inventory of such property and shall render annually a report to the Executive Committee". This was carried by 11 votes against 3, and will be placed on the agenda for the Guild A.G.M. It was proposed by Mr. Smith and seconded by Cdr.Harris that a grant of £25 be made for the purchase of suitable items. This was carried unanimously.

Winchester D.A.C. representative

In the absence of Mr.Grant the secretary read his report on advice given concerning maintenance at Andover, refurbishment of the six at Wonston, possible transfer of the six from Sydmonton to Ecchinswell, and on the inspection of the bells carried out at St.Peter's, St.Augustine's, and St.Mark's in Southampton. A copy of the inspection report was available for those interested.

Bell Restoration Fund

In the absence of Mr.Colliss, Mr.Esbester circulated copies of the accounts to be printed in the 1981 Guild Report. The income during the past year was just over £1707, This was excellent but Mr.Colliss was sure we could aim for £2000 this year. City of Southampton Bond No. 41584 for £500 had matured, and the trustees had reinvested this and other monies so that one Bond would now mature every year. These accounts were accepted on the proposition of Mr.Collins, seconded by Mr.Sansom.

The secretary stated that he had received requests for grants from Deane, Sherfield English and Sydmonton. These would be considered by the trustees before the Guild A.G.M.

A short break for tea followed at this point, after which the Master proposed a vote of thanks to Julia and Gail Cater.

Reports from conveners of sub-committees

(a) Education

Miss Olding, acting as proxy for Mr.Cater, presented the details for printing in the 1981 Guild Report. Mr.Smith asked that it be made clear that this was the report of the convener and not of the sub-committee. Miss Olding stated that the small financial loss mentioned in the minutes of the previous meeting was actually £19-79. She also reminded the meeting of the 1982 plans printed in the same minutes, and stated that the questionnaire was now complete and would be distributed with Guild Reports as suggested by the Hartless family. S.A.Es. for each tower would be distributed via. District Secretaries. The report was accepted on the proposition of Cdr.Harris, seconded by Mr.Sansom. It was proposed by Mr.Croft and seconded by Mr.Collins that a grant of £20 be made to the sub-committee, and this was carried unanimously.

(b) Striking Competition

Following the death of Mr.Hartless, the secretary had collected copies of the striking competition forms and the various blank certificates. He had altered the former, removing Mr.Hartless's address. Copies of the altered forms for the 8-bell and for the inter-District competition were available for each District, and he requested that these be collected and distributed after the meeting. Cdr.Harris read the report of the sub-committee due for printing in the 1981 Report. The report was accepted on the proposition of Mr.Sansom, seconded by Mr.LeMarechal.

Cdr.Harris stated that the bulk of the work of this sub-committee had been carried by Mr.Hartless, and that the other two members were already fully occupied as Report Editor and Hon. General Secretary. He suggested that future sub-committees be composed of principal district ringing masters since these were the members who should have the "biggest say" in arrangements and organisation. After much discussion Mr.Esbester wished to make a "strong suggestion" that the following three district ringing masters be co-opted for the 1982 competition:-

Mr.J.Reynolds (Winchester); Mr.J.M.J.Mather (Portsmouth); Mr.A.T.Collins (A.& P.)

(c) Social

Mrs.Cater reported that the Dance held at East Meon on 3rd.October 1981 resulted in a profit of £39-65. 75 tickets had been sold, so far, for the Guild Dinner on 1st May. A Barn Dance was planned for 9th October at the Henry Beaufort school, Winchester. Plans were underway for a Guild Luncheon in 1983, based on the Isle of Wight, with Mr. Frodsham acting as the local contact. This report was accepted on the proposition of Mr.Collins, seconded by Miss.Hartless.

(d) Insurance

Mr.Nabb gave a résumé of the investigations by this sub-committee:-

Personal Accident Cover -To obtain weekly and lump sum benefits it would probably cost each member an extra 30p a year. To cover only for bell maintenance activities would be an extra 8p a year.
Public Liability Cover -Since damages awarded by courts against organisations or individual members are quite vast, it would be necessary to have cover for all possibilities, and an extra 9p per member per year could ensure this.

Most of those present expressed difficulty in following the details as presented, and Cdr. Harris asked that the résumé be printed on the agenda for the A.G.M. so that members could study this before a decision was required.

Possible alteration of rules at present specifying subscriptions

As required by the minutes, the wording had been submitted to the secretary, who had duplicated this upon the reverse of the agendas. Mr.Smith introduced this item reminding the meeting that, at the A.G.M., Guild members had noted the advantage of printing subscriptions separately from the rules, a practice followed by the Salisbury Guild, enabling them to be reviewed each year keeping the Guild financially solvent. It was also clear that rules 6 and 7 at present confused details of membership with those of elections and subscriptions. Hence all three were now separated into proposed rules 6, 7 and 8, requiring present rules 8 to 20 being re-numbered 9 to 21. Mr.Smith and Mr.Esbester had drafted the proposed rules 6, 7, and 8.

Mr.Nabb asked if proposed rule 7 could be amended, as follows:-

"… provided that there is a majority of Ringing and/or Life members present, and subject …"

Messrs, Smith and Esbester accepted the amendment.

Mr.Cater, by letter, asked if the proposed rule 8 could be amended, as follows:-

"… may transfer to Compounding membership without further payment on application to his District Secretary. Any …"

Messrs. Smith and Esbester accepted the amendment, provided "his" became "their".

Mr. Croft asked if the proposed rule 6 could be amended, as follows:-

" … Life membership shall be conferred upon those who have completed 50 years membership of the Guild. The Executive Committee may also recommend …"

Messrs. Smith and Esbester accepted the amendment.

Mr.Smith proposed and Mr.Esbester seconded that the amended proposed rules 6, 7, and 8 be presented to the Guild Annual General Meeting for its decision. This was agreed unanimously. Cdr.Harris stated that the 1981 Guild Report would contain the current Guild Rules, but suggested that these proposed rules should also be included to give all members a chance to study them and their implications.

Guild Membership Badges

The current design, submitted by Mr.A.V.Davis, won the competition initiated by Mr. R.R. Savory in 1973, and was accepted for our Guild Membership Badge by the Executive Committee Meeting on 16 March 1974. Mr.Holdsworth suggested that Guild members now preferred the design that was replaced in 1974. He requested District Secretaries to check with their members would prefer a return to this original, circular badge. The secretary reported that he currently held a stock of 263 Guild Membership Badges, new style

Guild Service Sheets

The Channel Island District had requested copies of these, while Portsmouth District would like more since their stock had dwindled to 20. It was proposed by Miss Hartless and seconded by Miss Weaver that the secretary attempt to arrange for the printing of 150 copies as cheaply as possible. Several members commented unfavorably on the contents of these Service Sheets, these being rather outdated, and the secretary was asked to include this item on the agenda for the A.G.M. to ascertain whether a sub-committee should be established to revise the complete Guild Office.

Guild A.G.M.

This should take place at Highclere on 3rd July 1982. However, in the absence of both Andover District representatives no further details were available.

Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the traditional, third Saturday in March meeting be maintained, and this would occur on Saturday 19th March 1983. Mrs. Cater agreed to find a suitable venue. Another December meeting was also requested, and the secretary agreed to find a suitable venue in the Totton/Southampton area for Saturday 11th December 1982.

The Master closed the meeting with prayers at ten minutes to seven.