1. Opening Prayer and Master's Welcome.

    The Master, Rev B J Fry, supported by the Honorary General Secretary, D C Jackson, and the Honorary General Treasurer, M Bubb, opened the meeting with a prayer at 9.32. He welcomed the 23 other members present, especially:

    Peter Hill- Education Committee Convenor
    Christine Hill- Striking Competition Committee Convenor.

    The meeting was held at St. Barnabas Southampton because St Lawrence Parish rooms at Winchester were unavailable.

  2. Apologies for absence.

    Apologies were received from R LeMarechal, Mrs J Le Conte, G Grant, and Mrs J Dunster.

  3. Loss of members through death.

    Members stood in silence to remember Mrs Marcia Marshallsay (Life Member - Bournemouth), W Clift (Life Member - Bramley), and Mrs Elsie Wyatt (Godshill).

  4. Honorary Life Members.

    District Secretaries reported that the following members would complete 50 years membership of the Guild during 1989:
    Pat Page (Portsmouth District)
    Andrew Taylor (Basingstoke)

  5. Alterations to Annual Report information.

    Mrs R Jackson circulated a list of amendments to the report.

  6. Minutes of the last meeting (12 March 1988).

    The Minute Secretary had circulated the minutes in March. Subject to an amendment in respect of the delay in auditing the accounts, the Minutes were approved and signed.

  7. Matters arising.

    1. Guild Library. N White reported that the books had now been removed from the cabinet and would be moved to Christchurch on 19 November. H Routh had started work on dismantling the cabinet and would be re-erecting this at Christchurch in due course. The Secretary reminded the meeting that the cabinet was made on the Isle of Wight by Lester Bailey's brother in law, transported to St Mary's Southampton and assembled in the ringing chamber. Mrs G Davis asked that the Library insurance should be checked both for the removal and also as to whether the amount covered was sufficient. The Secretary agreed to write to N Skelton of Salisbury for advice on the value of the books and also to the Guild insurers as to cover for the library in its new location and also during its removal.

      It was agreed that a key to the new library would be kept by Mrs G Davis and requests for access would be made to Gilian in the first instance and there would be a note in the Annual Report to this effect.

      It was proposed by R M Esbester, seconded by A P Smith, and carried that the library funds be topped up by £50.

      Guild Badges. The Secretary reported that the badges had been made and payment was now requested. There was discussion as to whether a sample should be seen before payment was made, but it was proposed by M K Waldron and seconded by Mrs H Peachey that the account should be settled now as further action could be taken later if the badges were not up to standard. Following a vote, the proposal was carried.

  8. Correspondence.

    1. A letter had been received from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office relating to an endorsement to the policy for the library excluding cover for pollution, rising water table, and other matters which it was felt were not significant risks.

    2. Letters of thanks for BRF grants allocated or paid had been received from: Basingstoke, Over Wallop, Wootton (IOW), and Newport (IOW).

    3. Letters of thanks for cards sent by the Secretary had been received from: Mr & Mrs W Cope, and Mr & Mrs A Taylor.

    4. As reported at the AGM, a letter had been received from A A Buswell suggesting that the Executive Committee was large and unwieldy and proposing restructuring to overcome these problems. The letter proposed a committee of 18 with only one representative from each district and with the majority of the business conducted by sub committees appointed for that purpose. The letter also suggested that agenda papers for ADMs should indicate nominees for district officer posts and that minutes of all district meetings should be circulated to all other districts and the General Secretary. There was a lengthy discussion and it was agreed that R M Esbester would approach A Buswell to discuss his proposals further, enquire as to the benefits he thought his suggestions might have, and possibly suggest that Mr Buswell might like to attend the next Executive Committee meeting when the matter would be discussed further. It was felt that Guild activities in general might be a matter on which the Secretary could seek suggestions at district meetings, but it was left for District Secretaries to bear Mr Buswell's suggestions in mind and take such action as they considered appropriate.

  9. Fund Raising for BRF.

    1. Guild Ties. Following the discussion at the AGM, R M Esbester advised that he had obtained further quotations, but that the original quote obtained by J J Hill still seemed to be the best. Designs prepared by Joy Martin and Graham Grant were considered with one of Mr Grant's designs being generally preferred. The Master proposed that 200 ties with the chosen design should be ordered and this was carried nem. con.

    2. Guild Calendars. The Treasurer asked for funds from the sale of these to be passed to him as soon as possible. Most districts seemed to have unsold calendars and it was agreed that these should now be advertised generally by the Secretary.

    3. 200 Club. The Master suggested that it might be worth setting up a fund raising scheme of this sort since they are used by other Guilds. The matter was left for future consideration.

    4. There was a general discussion as to other possible fund raising activities and it was felt that a drive to encourage more members to covenant donations to the BRF would be worthwhile. In order to encourage other members to complete covenants, it was suggested that all taxpaying Guild and District officers might like to complete covenants to the BRF. It was felt that some general advice in the Guild Report regarding covenants would be helpful.

  10. Insurance.

    1. Personal Accident. Following correspondence with the Clatford ringers and the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office, the Secretary had ascertained that, in general, a church policy did not cover visiting ringers, but their home tower policy would cover them for visits to other towers. Hence unattached members were not likely to be covered. The Secretary had been able to arrange for the Southampton University ringers to be regarded as "attached" to the Southampton City Centre Parish purely for insurance purposes. It was suggested that District Secretaries might wish to mention this matter to any unattached members.

    2. Insurance of Bells. The Secretary had also established from his correspondence with EIO that standard church insurance policies did not include cover for damage to the bells and fittings caused by ringers, whether visiting or otherwise.

    3. W O Haythorne had written to the Secretary as to personal accident cover for ringers aged over 75. It was confirmed that standard cover is for ringers aged 16 to 75 although for an additional premium, ringers between the ages of 11 and 16 could be covered. It was agreed that the Secretary should suggest to the Central Council that a general leaflet regarding insurance would be useful. It was felt that it was unlikely that any insurance company would extend cover to ringers over 75.

  11. District Secretary's activities.

    Mrs H Peachey and Mrs E Johnson circulated a paper setting out activities for District Officers. Although it was suggested that this should be entitled "Guidance Notes for District Officers", there was insufficient time to consider the paper in full and the Master suggested it should be considered again in March by which time District Officers may have suggestions for additions or alterations.

  12. Report by Social sub committee.

    R M Milford read the sub committee's report for 1988 and gave notice of the following dates for 1989:

    Guild Dinner - 29 April at the Potters Heron, Ampfield
    Guild Barn Dance - 7 October at Eastleigh.

    R Milford proposed the adoption of the report. This was seconded by R M Esbester, and carried nem. con.

  13. Report by Education sub committee.

    P W Hill read the sub committee's report for 1988. P Hill proposed the adoption of the report. This was seconded by Mrs E Johnson, and carried nem. con. P Hill advised that the 1989 Ringing School was to be held on 6 May 1989 at Romsey.

  14. Report by Striking Competitions sub committee.

    A T Collins read the sub committee's report for 1988. Adoption of the report was proposed by A T Collins, seconded by Mrs C R Hill, and carried nem. con. Mrs Hill gave the following dates for 1989:

    Inter District (8 bell) - 13 May, Hordle
    6 & 8 bell competition - 24 June, Wickham & an 8-bell tower to be arranged.
    Inter District (10 bell) - 9 September, St Mary, Southampton.

    It was proposed by Mrs C Hill that the sub committee be given funds of £25 to cover expenses. This was seconded by A T Collins, and carried nem. con.

  15. Restoration Work.

    The Secretary reported that he had attempted to follow up the 1987 Central Council initiative for unringable towers by writing to the incumbents involved. At Hurstbourne Tarrant the bells were to be restored for swing chiming only. At St Peter Port, the Dean had retired, but hoped his successor might restore the bells. Ovington reported that the tower was in a dangerous condition. St John the Baptist, Winchester had plans to rehang the bells in phase 4 of their restoration programme. Pamber Priory were now apparently in the charge of Queens College, Oxford. At St Michael in the Soke, Winchester, four bells were still chimed with the fifth bell apparently remaining in the tower, but no longer hung in the frame.

    The Secretary reported the following current restoration work:

    1. Soberton. Phases 1 and 2 of the restoration programme had been completed and work on the tower and porch was now in progress. (Grant of £500 approved in 1985)

    2. Bramshott. Taylors have quoted £15244 to rehang.

    3. Over Wallop want to have the bells examined.

    4. Bentworth have been augmented to 6.

    5. Portsmouth Cathedral are contemplating augmentation as part of the appeal to "complete" the structure of the building.

    6. Winchester Cathedral are considering rehanging in a frame capable of accommodating additional bells.

  16. Date and venue of next meeting.

    It was agreed that the next Executive Committee meeting would be held on Saturday 11 March 1989 at St Lawrence Parish rooms. The preferred time for the meeting was 9.30am, but if the room was not available at this time, then the meeting would commence at 2pm.

  17. Any Other Business.

    1. A P Smith advised of a proposed change of Rule 19 in view of the discussion at item 20 of the AGM regarding recording of peals and compositions. The proposed new wording (underlined) was as follows:-
      "… An account of each peal including details of compositions on seven bells and above, together with the peal fee for each ringer participating, shall be sent to the Honorary Recorder of Peals within one month of the peal being rung …" There was insufficient time to consider the proposal in detail and hence this matter was deferred until the next meeting.

    2. 1989 Annual Report. It was proposed by Mrs R Jackson, seconded by A P Smith, and carried nem. con., that the Principal Officers of the Guild should be authorised to accept a quotation for printing the report since it was necessary to select a printer before the next Executive Committee meeting. It was agreed that the Report Editor should decide the content of the report and the charges for advertisements.

    3. The Secretary encouraged District Secretaries to complete Survey of Ringing questionnaires as quickly as possible.

    4. It was proposed by R M Milford that the funds of the Social sub committee should be increased by £25. This was seconded by R Cater and carried nem. con.

    5. Members were reminded that there was a Winchester District meeting during the afternoon and evening with ringing at Bitterne Park and North Stoneham. Also there was a Christchurch and Southampton district practice meeting in the evening at St Michaels, Southampton.

    There being no further business the Master closed the meeting at 12.51pm.