It must fall to the lot of very few change ringers to ring in celebration of their own golden wedding anniversary, yet to judge by the manner in which Mr. C. Forfitt, of St. Peter's band, Bournemouth, turns up to service ringing and also by the excellent quarter-peal that was rung in honour of the occasion, he must have many years' useful ringing yet in front of him. The ringers of St. Peter's trust so, for no band in the country can possess a better example of unfailing devotion to service ringing. If "Charlie" shows half a dozen "absences" at the end of the year it is a lot and due to unusual circumstances. Over 70 years of age, he is a reliable "rope" in all the standard methods, and is always prepared to assist anyone in difficulties. One must of necessity number him amongst the "grand old men" of the Exercise, but we must warn the reader only to whisper the "old" when "Charlie" is within earshot.

A member of St. Peter's band for upwards of 30 years, Mr. Forfitt has taken part in several peals, and has hopes of adding yet one more to the list shortly in celebration of the happy anniversary. Service ringing, however, is his "forte," and both he and his wife are justly proud of his record in this direction. The anniversary fell on Sunday, February 26th, and the quarter-peal of Grandsire Triples attempted on that day unfortunately went to pieces within six leads of home. Success attended the attempt made on the following Tuesday, however, the ringers being H. Osborne 1, L. V. Davis 2, C. Lovell 3, R. Dear 4, C. Forfitt 5, E. Waters 6, A. V. Davis (conductor) 7, C. Chandler 8.

The Ringing World No. 1147, March 17th, 1933, page 171