Winchester and Portsmouth Guild

Annual Dinner - Saturday, 26th April 2003

Can he ring without moving his arms? Canon Barry Fry, the Master of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, was asked by the speakers following the Annual Dinner.

The Guild Master, Canon Barry Fry (back) and guests, (l-r) Heather Kippin, Caroline House, David House and Chris Kippin
Heather Kippin, Caroline House, Barry Fry, David House, Chris Kippin

David House proposing the toast to the W&P recounted some of his early experiences in the Guild before he settled in Brighton. The stories covered all the well-known local ringers at dinner, [and a quite a few not present].

David House takes a trip down Memory lane
David House

Chris Kippin, whose father had had a mention or two by David House, replied for the guests. He proposed a Quango, to be known as OFRING, to oversee the performance of Ringers Associations and Guilds, with powers to assess and discipline Officers of the Associations and Guilds. He delighted in imagining the detailed application of the powers of OFRING, with more illustrations of who might be inspected, and by whom.

Chris Kippin makes the case for OFRING
Chris Kippin

The Cathedral Refectory welcomed the seventy members, partners and guests to the traditional high standard of catering.


Southampton, Hants

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