General verdict - a nice change

The much photographed village of Godshill received another visit from shutter-clicking ringers who much enjoyed the delightful ring of six.
Godshill village

Mr. Lester Bailey (District Chairman), Mr. John Frodsham (local organiser). Mrs. G. W. Davis (Guild Master) and Mrs. G. Cater (Guild Social Committee) pictured outside the Grantham Hotel.
Lester Bailey, Gilian Davis, John Frodsham, Gail Cater

A pleasant unhurried coach trip sampling three towers on the Island and a semiformal excellent lunch at The Grantham Hotel, Cowes. This was the alternative to the annual formal dinner which the Isle of Wight District organised for the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild this year.

Coaches met the ferries from Portsmouth and Lymington and the morning ring was at Ryde or Carisbrooke. All met up for lunch and a chat and the only speech was one of thanks from the Master, Mrs. G. W. Davis, to Mr. Lester Bailey (District Chairman) and the Isle of Wight ringers.

Further ringing in the afternoon was at Godshill and Brading or Brighstone and Freshwater, and a highly successful and enjoyable day was further enhanced by the Island Marathon event. There is something eminently satisfying in driving past struggling tired runners shouting words of encouragement or comments on lack of effort! Further "entertainment" was provided by sightings (from a safe distance) of the prison disturbances at Albany.

There was general agreement that the day had been a great success and was a pleasant alternative to the "normal" formal dinner. Such a venture however does depend on a delightful location, good organisation and friendly reception - the Isle of Wight provided all three of these.

The Ringing World No. 3764, June 17, 1983, page 487