Geographical rivalry at W & P Guild Dinner

We have emerged at the other end of the tunnel after arranging our Annual Dinner - the bills are paid, it is all over! It slowly dawned upon the committee we also had to write about it. Now, after a decent lapse and the jaundiced views having gone, readers of The Ringing World have their turn.

The Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Dinner was held at the Guildhall Winchester a healthy lump of Victoriana, in a nice big high room with plenty of space and bar amenities. The dinner enjoyable, the speakers more so - proposing the toast for the Guild, the President of the Central Council, the Revd. Dr. John Baldwin talked about Oxford, Llandaff, computers and friends he had made while ringing. Gail Cater replying reminded us of her arrival in Winchester from Yorkshire via a circuitous route of various homes, jobs and bells. Proposing the toast for the visitors home-based Roger Knight nervously claimed that he had never before spoken in public; however, the polished speech was a credit to the preparation of what is obviously the beginning of a new career. The reply from our neighbour and friend Neil Skelton, the Master of Salisbury Guild, completed the geographical rivalry all held together and introduced by our own Master - Barry Fry.

The speakers were all known to one another and to many of those present - all anxious to renew their acquaintance, talk and drink till late.

W & P Social Committee

The Ringing World No. 4022, May 27, 1988, page 500