On the "up"

The Winchester and Portsmouth Guild held their annual dinner at the King's Court Masonic Centre, Chandlers Ford, on Saturday, 28 April. For several years the committee have been despondent over the decline of ticket sales, but following a more positive approach and a "group sales" incentive, 30 more tickets were sold than last year.

The Master, the Rev. Barry Fry, spoke of the Guild during the year and welcomed guests and members, and with particular pleasure the Bishop of Winchester and Mrs. James. The Bishop, in proposing the toast to the Guild, told of his continued delight and love of listening to the bells, and of the enthusiasm and devotion of ringers. Replying, the Guild secretary, Mr. Derek Jackson, likened the new National Educational Curriculum with its new approach and attitudes to teaching to those needed in the belfry to attract young people and ensure the continuation of the sound of church bells for the Bishop and for future generations.

Devotion was evident when Barry Peachey, who had already judged a striking competition, now proposed the toast to visitors, among whom was Bob Gibson from the United States and a fellow Royal Cumberland Youth, Mrs. Jane Wilkinson. He spoke of the need for self-discipline and learning to work with others in order to gain progress and perfection, which he illustrated with humour in anecdotes of his time spent as a young policeman on the troubled streets of London.

Mrs. Wilkinson, replying, related with especial gratitude the welcome she and the Royal Cumberland Youths had been given on the occasion when they were hesitant visitors to the Cathedral. And so with this in mind, the enthusiastic, positive, disciplined team of Gail Cater, John Colliss, Andrew Craddock and Roy le Marechal made very welcome all guests and members with impeccable Kent Treble Bob Major - we enjoyed it all and the food was good.

The Ringing World No. 4132, July 6, 1990, page 642