A very enjoyable meeting was held at the six-bell tower of Worplesdon on Saturday, July 16th, over thirty members being present from Aldershot, Ash, Cobham, Godalming, Guildford (Holy Trinity and S. Nicolas’), Shalford and Witley, and the local company. The bells were available from three o’clock, and a service was held at 4.30, conducted by the Rector (the Rev. J. Collingwood Bruce), who also gave an excellent address. The Guild form of service was used, and Miss K. Avenell, one of the ringers, presided at the organ. Tea was provided on the Rectory lawn by the kindness of the Rector and Mrs. Bruce.

After tea, a short business meeting was held, presided over by the Rector. Three new members were elected, and the place for the next meeting was decided on, Dunsfold being chosen.

The usual vote of thanks was passed to the Rector and Mrs. Bruce for providing the tea, to Miss Avenell for presiding at the organ, and to the local company for having everything in readiness.

The Ringing World No. 854, August 5th, 1927, page 488