The last meeting of the Guildford District of the Winchester Diocesan Guild was held on Saturday [Nov. 19th] prior to the general meeting of the new Guildford Diocesan Guild. Mr. W. R. Melville, chairman of the district, presided, and pointed out that they had now come to the parting of the ways. The Guildford District had always endeavoured to do its best in the interest of the Guild and of ringing, and the officers were thankful for the support they had received. There had been much to encourage them, and while they had some disappointments, they had spent some very happy times.

The Hon. Secretary (Mr. E. Raddon) presented the balance sheet, which showed that £13 16s. was received from ringing members’ subscriptions, £3 5s. from hon. members, and 3s. 6d. from one compounding member. The year began with a balance in hand of £3 8s. 8d., and, after paying the expenses amounting to £10 13s. 9d., including £1 10s. for instruction to a band, there remained a balance to date of £9 19s. 5d., from which certain small expenses would have to be paid in connection with that day’s meeting. At the close of the year there were 144 ringing members, 16 probationers, and 2 unattached members in the district.- The balance sheet was adopted.

Mr. C. Hazelden presented his report as District Ringing Master. He said the work of the Winchester Diocesan Guild in that area had, in that its last year, been somewhat clouded and overshadowed by the preparations for the advent of the new Guild. The six-bell combined practices were held at the beginning of the year, and were well attended until they were interrupted by the number of organisation meetings held in connection with the new diocesan Guild. An attempt made in the spring to attract members to combined practices at ten-bell towers was a complete failure, and was therefore given up. A total of 14 peals have been rung in the district, as against 18 for the previous year. This reduction is a continuation of the progressive decline of interest in peal ringing which set in about four years ago. In conclusion, the report said that while perhaps casting lingering, wistful glances on their past connection with the old See and city of Winchester, might they not hold out glad hands of welcome to the new See, the new city and the new Guild?

The report was accepted, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the officers of the district and the representatives of the district on the Central Committee for their ungrudging services to the interests of the Guild. This was ordered to be recorded on the minutes.

Mr. E. Raddon was appointed to represent the district at the meeting of the Winchester Guild Committee, when the affairs of the Guild as at present constituted are wound up.

A service afterwards held at S. Nicolas’ Church was largely attended. The Rector (the Rev. G. M. Wheeler) officiated, and, in the absence of the Archdeacon of Surrey, the address was given by Canon Irwin (Bishop’s chaplain).

The Ringing World No. 870, November 25th, 1927, page 748