We regret to announce the death of Mr. Barrzillia Hawkins, which took place on Sunday, March 30th, at his home at Frogmore, Blackwater, Hants.

Taking up ringing some 50 years ago under the instruction of Mr. Frank Bennett at Hawley, Hants, Mr. Hawkins and his brother George, who is still active, made good progress, which they used for the benefit of change ringing in North Hants. He rang his first peal at Yateley, Hants, on October 8th, 1892, and since then had taken part in many more, among them the first at Yorktown and the first rung by Mr. A. H. Pulling, which was at Hawley.

A good striker and a ringer always to be relied upon, he accomplished a lot of good work for the old Winchester Guild, of which he was a member for many years.

The Ringing World No. 1568, April 11th, 1941, page 175