The combined practice ringers who meet at Deane, Hants, fortnightly have made a small present to the Rev. Howell, Rector of the parish, who is retiring and going to live at Winchester.

The Rev. Howell has done much to help ringers in the Basingstoke district, putting Deane tower at their disposal at almost any time. He always takes great interest in the touches rung at the combined practices, and has shown as much pleasure as the ringers themselves when any new method has been brought round successfully. These practices have resulted in Surprise Minor methods on six bells being rung and have done much to stir up interest in the district generally with the Rector setting a wonderful example of fellowship.

Mr. W. Hunt, of Oakley, made the presentation, which consisted of a silver bell inkstand, suitably inscribed, and all were very sorry to have to say "good-bye" to the Rev. Howell. He departs with good wishes for a long and happy retirement.

The Ringing World No. 1163, July 7th, 1933, page 422