A quarterly meeting of this district was held at All Saints’ Church, Ryde, on Saturday, Nov. 24th, when ringers from Brading, Carisbrooke, Freshwater, Godshill, Newport, Portsea and Ryde met together and made good use of the bells. The Vicar (the Rev. Canon G. A. Johnstone) conducted the Guild service, and the president, the Rev. H. C. Stokes, delivered a short but interesting address to the members. Tea was afterwards served at the Welby Institute, and at the business meeting, at which the president presided, it was resolved to hold the annual meeting at Carisbrooke on Saturday, February 2nd. It was also agreed to hold combined practice meetings at Whitwell on December 8th, and at Godshill, January 12th (subject to the bells being available), solely for the practice of Double Court, Oxford Treble Bob and Plain Bob Minor.

The district secretary, Mr. B. J. Snow, on behalf of the Island ringers, extended a welcome to the Mainland ringers, and thanked them for attending the meeting on such a stormy day.- Mr. J. Harding responded on behalf of the visitors from Portsea.

A vote of thanks to the Vicar for conducting the service, also to the president for his address and for presiding at the meeting, concluded the business.

Touches were then rung on the handbells, and further ringing on the church bells was indulged in.

The Ringing World No. 925, December 14th, 1928, page 790