The annual meeting of the Isle of Wight District was held at Carisbrooke on Saturday, February 2nd, when members from all parts of the Island and a number from Portsmouth attended notwithstanding the inclement weather. The standard methods were practised on this favourite peal of eight. The Vicar of Carisbrooke, the Rev. H. S. Footman, took the Guild’s service, and gave a short address, Dr. J. Bruce Williamson presiding at the organ. Afterwards the Vicar entertained the members to tea at the Waverley Hotel, and took the chair at the business meeting. The district secretary (Mr. B. J. Snow), being absent through illness, Mr. H. Barton deputised, and read the secretary’s report. The auditor (Mr. H. A. Phillips) presented the statement of accounts, which showed that the sum of £4 had been sent to headquarters, after paying the expenses of the district and retaining a small balance in hand.

The Ringing Master gave his report for the past year, and impressed upon the district the necessity of practising new methods in order to make the art more attractive and the Sunday ringing less monotonous.

All these reports were adopted, the various officials being re-elected to their posts with thanks for their past services.

The Vicar of Brading (the Rev. A. C. Hampton Weeks) was elected president of the district for the ensuing year. Several new members were elected, while Brading was selected as the place for the next quarterly meeting, the date to be left to the secretary to fix.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks to the Rev. H. S. Footman for his kindness in welcoming the Guild to Carisbrooke, and also for his hospitality. Mr. Burnett, on behalf of the Portsmouth contingent, expressed their appreciation.

The Ringing World No. 935, February 22nd, 1929, page 123