An interesting and most successful bye-practice meeting was held in the Island on Saturday last, when three somewhat secluded five-bell towers, viz., Chale, Shorwell and Brighstone, situated in the southern part of the Island, were visited by Island members of the Guild, many of whom had their first pull on these bells. The attendance was most gratifying to those who suggested and arranged the meeting. Chale tower was first visited, and good use was made of the bells, the frame of which has a blank space in readiness for an additional bell. At tea, Dr. J. B. Williamson voiced thanks to the Rector for the use of the bells, also to the foreman, Mr. H. Chiverton, whom he proposed as a member of the Guild. This was seconded by Mr. B. J. Snow (district secretary), and carried.

A move was then made to Shorwell, where the party was met and welcomed by the Vicar and local ringers, and several touches in various five-bell methods were scored. Brighstone tower was reached rather later than the scheduled time, but, thanks to Mr. Creeth, the bells were in readiness and were soon set going, and many good touches were rung. This will not be the last five-bell practice meeting to be held in the Island, especially if the doctor has his way again in the matter.

The Ringing World No. 953, June 28th, 1929, page 408