A quarterly meeting of the I.O.W. District was held at Freshwater on Saturday last. Ringers attended from Carisbrooke, Freshwater, Godshill, Gosport, Newport, Portsmouth, Ryde and Whitwell. The visitors included Messrs. A. E. Richards, of Farndon, near Chester, J. L. Stokes, of Birmingham, and G. H. Straw, of Leicester. Freshwater bells are rather a heavy peal of six, and judging by the "go" on Saturday appear to be in need of a good overhaul and new ropes, "splicing" being a prominent item during the meeting, Handbells were made good use of during the "repairing" intervals.

In the absence of the Rector, owing to B.D. duties, the lay reader, Mr. May, conducted the Guild service, and gave a very interesting address to the members present. Tea, by kind invitation of the Rector, was served at Gilling's Tea Rooms. In the Rural Dean's absence, Mr. R. J. Stone, of Portsmouth, was voted to the chair, and ably presided over the business.

It was resolved that the office of district president, vacant owing to the recent departure from the Island of the Rev. G. Heald (late Rector of Chale), should be left vacant until the annual meeting in January next.

It was agreed to hold the next quarterly meeting at Carisbrooke in October, and a by-practice meeting at Godshill on Saturday, September 9th.

The Secretary, Mr. B. J. Snow, on behalf of the district, welcomed the visitors, and thanks were expressed to the Rector for the use of the bells and for his kind hospitality in providing tea, also to Mr. Stone for conducting the business.

The Ringing World No. 1166, July 28th, 1933, page 470