The bells of St. Nicholas' Church, Longparish, Hants, were opened on Thursday, September 3rd, by the Bishop of Winchester after being rehung and a new treble added.

During the service a few rounds were rung by a band arranged by the Rev. F. H. S. Marle and Mr. F. J. Knapp, of the Andover Branch of the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild.

In address was given by the Bishop, who stressed the point that bells were a national as well as a spiritual emblem of Great Britain, and no other country had bells that were rung in quite the same way as in this country.

During the service a collection was made on behalf of the bell fund, as a small amount is still needed to pay off the bill, but great credit is due to the Rector (the Rev. T. Marsden) and parishioners, who have raised the whole of the money necessary for the purpose.

After the service 360 of Bob Minor was rung by J. Marlow 1, H. Wooding 2, E. Austin 3, W. Hunt 4, F. J. Knapp (conductor) 5, J. Chesterman 6. Other touches were rung by numerous ringers from the surrounding district, including the local band, who hope to make great strides in the near future.

The work of retuning the old bells and casting the treble bell was carried out by Messrs. J. Taylor and Co., of Loughborough, who have provided Longparish with a very good "six. "

The Ringing World No. 1332, October 2nd, 1936, page 646