A successful meeting was held at Bramshott on Saturday last [Aug. 21st], and, incidentally, it was the first time that a district meeting had been held there. Considering that it is rather an awkward place to get at, being in the north-east corner of the district, a good muster turned up including ringers from Bramshott, Portsmouth (St. Mary’s and St. Thomas’), the Master (Mr. G. Williams), Messrs. J. H. Shepherd (Swindon), C. W. Player (Stone, Ashford), and C. Tribe (Tenterden). Apologies for absence were received from Mr. G. Pullinger (general secretary) and also Mr. A. H. Pulling, who has been instructing the Bramshott ringers.

The handy ring of six were fully utilised during the afternoon, while Mr. E. Woods (churchwarden) kindly showed some of the members many interesting features of the church. An enjoyable service was held in the church when the Guild’s form was used, and an interesting address on ringing during the last century was given by the Rev. O. S. Walford, of Haslemere.

By the kind permission of Colonel B. F. R. Holbrooke, D.S.O., and Mrs. Holbrooke, tea was partaken of in their lovely grounds. At the business meeting which followed, the colonel kindly accepted the invitation to take the chair. Mr. A. Booker (Bramshott) was elected a full member, Messrs. C. W. Player and C. Tribe compounding members and the Rev. H. A. Bowles and Colonel Holbrooke honorary members.- It was decided to hold the annual district meeting at Havant on November 13th next, due notice of which will be given in ‘The Ringing World.’

A letter was read from Mr. A. H. Pulling complimenting the local band on the progress they had made and on the spirit in which they had taken his instruction, which he hoped to continue.- In reply, Mr. W. H. Wright (Bramshott) said that they could not have had a better instructor, as he had a very genial manner with young ringers. He was delighted to hear that Mr. Pulling was going to continue, and that they would have him as long as he wished to come to Bramshott.

The Master then read a letter from the vice-president (Rev. C. E. Matthews) who had recently had a long illness. It was resolved that a letter of sympathy be sent from the district to him, also to Mrs. Pulling who had met with an accident on the Somerset tour, and to Mrs. Pullinger, wife of the general secretary, who was in Winchester Hospital.

Votes of thanks were accorded the Rectors of Bramshott and Liss for the use of the bells, Colonel Holbrooke for the use of his grounds, and also to the gentlemen who had kindly entertained the members to tea, the clergy, the organist and the caterers. Some of the members then journeyed to Liss, where an enjoyable half-hour was spent, while others took the opportunity of looking round the beautiful grounds. Thanks are also due to Mr. E. Woods, who kindly met some of the ringers at Liphook station and took them to the church in a motor conveyance.

During the day the ringing included Grandsire and Stedman Doubles, Plain Bob, Oxford and Kent Treble Bob and Cambridge Surprise Minor.

The Ringing World No. 793, August 27th, 1926, page 540