A quarterly meeting of the Portsmouth District was held at Soberton on Saturday last [July 25th], when nearly 30 ringers and friends were present from Bishopstoke, Portsmouth (Cathedral and St. Mary’s), Ryde, Swanmore, Titchfield, Twyford and Wickham. The bells were available from three o’clock, and, after some rope-splicing had been accomplished, they were set going until 4.30 p.m. The Guild’s form of service was conducted by the Rector of Exton, in the unavoidable absence of the Rector of Soberton, who had recently undergone a serious operation. An inspiring address was also given by him, which was somewhat off the ‘beaten track.’

An excellent tea was partaken of in the Girl Guides’ Hut, after which the usual business meeting was held, the Rector of Exton occupying the chair.

It was decided to hold the next meeting at Bishop’s Waltham on Saturday, October 24th next; also a mid-week practice at Havant at a date to be decided by the secretary. Mr. G. H. Childs, J.P., a former ringer at Soberton, who was a member with Mr. G. Williams when the bells were augmented from six to eight in 1884, was elected, subject to his consent, an honorary member, as was also the Rector of Exton.

Votes of thanks were accorded the Rectors of Soberton and Exton and also the organist for their kindnesses, after which another visit was paid to the tower for further ringing, which, during the day, ranged from the standard methods to Cambridge, London and Bristol Surprise Major.

The Ringing World No. 1062, July 31st, 1931, page 491