Winchester & Portsmouth D.G.


The weather was kind on 3rd May as 55 students (from the Guild, Berkshire and Sussex) helpers and instructors converged upon Eastleigh (Hants) Technical College for the Guild's seventh annual one-day Ringing School.

Having foregathered in the Common Room, the Guild Master (Ken Croft) extended a warm welcome to all, and outlined the day's arrangements.

The students divided into three groups: Plain Hunt; Plain Bob Doubles; and Kent and Cambridge Minor. The two former were sub-divided for practical sessions into units of five and six. The lecturers were Doug Boniface, Bob Cater and Tony Smith. After the first lecture there was a coffee break followed by further lectures for the more advanced groups. The Plain Hunt group went off to their first tower.

After lunch, all went to local towers and, under the guidance of tutors and helpers of experience, the students for two hours tried to put into practice what they had been learning in the classroom.

A cup of tea was served at College, and from the smiling faces it was clear that spirits were high and that the day had been a success. The Guild Master asked for comments, and it was evident that the students had found the lectures particularly helpful; one or two suggestions for the future were noted for consideration by the Ringing School Committee.

The Master then brought the day to a close with thanks to all concerned who had assisted in any way. One encouraging aspect was the fact that since it was last held in October 1979 30 new ringers of all ages had come forward for Plain Hunting instruction. This not only underlined the need for continuing efforts by the Ringing School committee, but augurs well for the health of future ringing in the W & P Guild.


The Ringing World No. 3607, June 13, 1980, page 514