W. & P. Dio. Guild


The resilience of The Winchester & Portsmouth D.G. was fully tested on the occasion of the Striking Competition at Highclere in mid-May. The uncomfortably low temperature together with continuous rain failed absolutely to daunt our indomitable organizer, Fredk. E. Collins, who brought off a veritable tour de force, no less. Not only did he get the 17 teams through their stint without delay, but he also succeeded in making the competition one of the best thus far. No one left early; the number taking tea ran well into three figures; the warm hall coupled with the good fare united everyone until after seven o'clock.

The venue had been chosen with an eye to spending a glorious Spring day in a lovely part of north Hampshire countryside. In the event, our best thanks are due to the Vicar of Highclere, who threw open the Church for our use and raised no objection whatsoever to the running of a Quiz Competition (based largely on Guild knowledge) in aid of the Bell Restoration Fund.


After tea, all were eager to listen to "Judge" Lock, of the Middlesex County Association, whom we were delighted to welcome into the very hall where (Tom told us), he had enjoyed many Scouting activities as a boy. He awarded first prize to Ringwood, the Alliston Cup being taken on their behalf by their captain, Bill Cheater. It seemed entirely appropriate that Fred Collins, who has fashioned this competition into what has now become a major Guild event, was a member of the winning team. From all quarters Ringwood's Stedman received favourable comment. Placed second and third were Bishopstoke "A" and Fawley "A" respectively.

The W. & P. now awards a Certificate for Commendable Effort. This year it went to a band of six young schoolgirls (campaigning as Bishopstoke "B") who rang call-changes with that degree of feminine aplomb to be expected in this year of grace when the ladies of the land are attempting to scale heights formerly considered the province of men.

Congratulations, therefore, to Ringwood, the new cup holders; to Bishopstoke (one of whose enthusiasts also carried off the Quiz Competition Prize of a basket of fruit); to Fawley, and not least, to all who entered teams thereby making the work of those responsible for all the organization so worthwhile.

Teams for 1976: start laying your foundation now!

K. S. B. C.

The Ringing World No. 3348, June 27, 1975, page 536