A very successful annual district meeting took place at Southampton on January 12th, when over 70 ringers were present from a good number of towers. The members were particularly pleased to welcome again among them, after his long illness, the Master of the Guild (Mr. G. Williams).

Service was held in St. Michael's Church. This was followed by tea and business meeting in St. Michael's Church Hall. The Rev. A. C. Hopkins was voted to the chair, and was supported by his churchwardens, the Rev. E. Jones (treasurer of the Guild), Mr. G. Williams (Master), Mr. F. W. Rogers (Guild secretary) and others.

The district secretary (Mr. G. Pullinger) reported that 1934 had been a very successful year, both financially and otherwise. The membership of the district was 123, and there were prospects of the bands at Holy Rood (Southampton), Broughton and Sherfield English joining the Guild at an early date. Restoration work had been carried out at Holy Rood, Southampton, where the bells had been retuned and rehung; at Broughton, where they had been rehung and increased to six, and at Sherfield English, where the bells had been rehung. The outstanding performance during the year had been the ringing of the first local peal by the St. Mary's, Southampton, band. The members were very glad that Mr. G. Williams was able to take his place in the tower again after his recent serious illness of several months' duration. This announcement was emphasised by the members with loud applause.

The officers were re-elected as follows: Chairman, the Rev. G. T. Tritton; Ringing Master, Mr. G. Williams; secretary, Mr. G. Pullinger; auditors, Mr. C. Fray; representative on committee, Mr. J. W. Faithful.

It was decided that meetings be arranged during the year at Broughton, Eling, North Stoneham, Sherfield English and the annual district meeting in 1936 at Southampton.

During the afternoon and evening ringing took place in a variety of methods on the bells at St. Mary's and St. Michael's Churches.

The next meeting will be held at North Stoneham on March 2nd, due notice of which will appear in "The Ringing World. "

The Ringing World No. 1244, January 25th, 1935, page 56