A very successful meeting of the Southampton District was held on Saturday week at North Stoneham, when members were present from Bishopstoke, Fareham, Kings Somborne, North Stoneham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Sherfield English, Soberton, Wickham and Ventnor. Mr. W. Viggars, from Aldershot, was a welcome visitor.

Various methods, ranging from Minor to Royal, were rung upon the ring of ten bells to cater for the taste of all.

The Vicar of North Stoneham (the Rev. H. O. Peile), who was an honorary member, conducted the service, and, in an interesting address, pointed out that it was the duty of all church-workers to develop the "homing instinct" of people to their parish church.

The next meeting was arranged to be held at Broughton on May 4th.

The Ringing World No. 1253, March 29th, 1935, page 199