Southampton District

At the autumn meeting held at Bishopstoke on September 16th four teams entered for the Alliston Striking Cup. The judges - Messrs. Forder, House and Marshall - placed St. Michael's, Southampton, first, followed by Bishopstoke, Romsey and Eling. The method was Grandsire and all except Bishopstoke rang Doubles. Southampton will represent the District in the final in October.

The Guild service was conducted by the Rector (the Rev. G. H. Rose), with Mr. R. C. Kippin as organist. Tea in the Rectory was prepared by Mrs. Chapman and helpers. This was free, but a collection for the Roof Fund realised £2 17s. 6d. At the short business meeting nine new members were elected from Upham.

The Ringing World No. 2633, October 6, 1961, page 662