About 80 people (61 of whom are District members) were present at what is scheduled to be the final annual meeting of the Southampton District, which took place at Romsey Abbey on January 21st. During the afternoon and evening ringing ranged from rounds to Spliced Surprise Major. The service was conducted by Canon K. W. H Felstead.

Tea was served in the new Church Rooms, and the chairman (Mr. J. Hartless) commenced the business meeting by thanking Canon Norris for his cordial welcome to the ringers and by proposing a vote of thanks to the local ringers and their wives for such an excellent tea.

The treasurer’s report showed that membership during the year had increased from 105 to 115, there was an 11 per cent, increase in the balance in hand, and the number of towers paying affiliation fees had increased from four to twelve. Seventeen new members were elected.

With District boundaries due to be changed at the Guild annual general meeting in July, it was thought advisable to arrange only the April quarterly meeting. The Ringing Master, Mr. J. R. Faithfull, proposed that it should be a memorable one, held in Southampton, with ringing at St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and Bitterne Park on April 15th.

Mr. A. V. Davies, chairman of the Christchurch District, proposed that a joint meeting of towers in the New Forest area should be held in September. As there was general agreement, arrangements are being made for September 16th.

M. F.

The Ringing World No. 2912, February 10, 1967, page 98