The bells of Holy Rood Church, Southampton, have been restored through the Barron Bell Trust. The sixth has been recast and the whole octave retuned and rehung in ball bearings by Messrs. John Taylor and Co. The bells were originally cast by Lester and Pack, the tenor being 16 cwt. in F.

The service of dedication of the completed work took place on January 23rd, the ceremony being performed in the presence of a large congregation by the Bishop of Southampton. Ringers were present from Bishopstoke, Dibden, North Stoneham, Romsey, Southampton and Winchester. The dedication took place in the vestry, where the rope of the recast bell was handed to the Bishop by Mr. F. Hopkins, senior trustee of the Emma Barron Bell Trust.

In the course of his sermon, the Bishop said, as many of them knew, the bells had been famous in Southampton for 200 years, and they had rung the old year out and the new year in on every occasion except a recent one, when it was found that one of the bells was cracked.

Enumerating some of the purposes of bellringing, he suggested that the bells were a challenge to the nation. It was not true that England was godless, though just at present religion seemed to be overlaid with other things.

It would be wrong to say that we were a nation of hypocrites, because there was a lot of genuine religion in the hearts of the people, though it was apt to be overlaid with "the cares, pleasures, and riches of this life." He suggested that the bells should be a warning and a reminder of their solemn obligations, and that they should also be regarded as a call to rejoice.

The opening touch on the bells was rung by a mixed band from Bishopstoke, North Stoneham and Southampton, which comprise the three principal ringing strongholds in the Southampton district. The improved tone and the excellent "go" of the bells gave great satisfaction.

The Ringing World No. 1245, February 1st, 1935, page 73