On Sunday, November 14th, at All Saints' Church, Steep, near Petersfield, Hants, the Vicar, the Rev. N. M. Livingstone, D.C.L., M.A., LL.B., dedicated an oak board recording a peal, the first in which any local ringers have taken part. A company of ringers and friends gathered in the belfry at 3.30 p.m., and Mr. W. Higgins (captain of ringers), in a few words of introduction, described the efforts made to achieve their ultimate success.

The board was then unveiled by Miss Pothecary, herself a local ringer, and she congratulated the band who took part, saying that she hoped to see her own name on the next peal tablet erected in the tower.

The board is of light oak with the record in black lettering.

The peal was in three methods of Doubles, viz., Canterbury Pleasure, Plain Bob and Grandsire, and was rung by A. E. Warren, G. M. Hunt, Miss A. M. Robertson, W. Higgins and. C. E. Bassett (conductor). It was the first peal on the bells by local ringers and a birthday compliment to Mr. J. Knight, for 50 years a service ringer at Steep Church. The ringers of the treble and third scored their first peal.

The Vicar offered prayers of dedication and congratulated the band, who then rang 120 Grandsire Doubles in the peal positions. Other short touches were successfully brought round, Mr. J. Knight taking part.

The Ringing World No. 1393, December 3, 1937, page 803