On Friday, October 8th, the Bishop of Winchester dedicated a new treble bell at the Church of St. Mary Bourne, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. H. Burne, of Upper Link House. The Bishop also rededicated the five other bells which have recently been retuned, the work having been most successfully carried out by Messrs. Mears and Stainbank.

After the service of dedication, 720 Bob Minor and six scores of Grandsire and Stedman Doubles were rung by a band collected by the Rev. C. D. P. Davies from Basingstoke, Oakley, Andover and Winchester.

At the the same service the Bishop rededicated the pedestal of the ancient Saxon font, and dedicated a memorial table and a stained-glass window.

The Ringing World No. 812, October 15th, 1926, page 646