A quarterly meeting of the Winchester District was held at Alresford on Saturday, February 5th. The bells at Alresford (eight), Old Alresford (six), and Bishop’s Sutton (five) were available, and were kept going during the afternoon and evening to Grandsire and Stedman Doubles and Triples, Bob Doubles and Minor, Double Norwich, Cambridge, London and Bristol Surprise Major.

Tea and a short meeting were held at Crock’s Restaurant, presided over by the Rector (Rev. A. J. Robertson), the Vicar of Bishop’s Sutton (Rev. Lindsay Browne), Mr. G. Williams, Mr. Geo. Pullinger, F. H. Rogers and members from Bishopstoke, Bishop’s Sutton, Fareham, Twyford, Hursley, North Stoneham, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, and some of the local ringers were present.

On the proposition of Mr. G. Williams, seconded by the district secretary, the Vicar of Bishop’s Sutton was elected an hon. member, five of the Sutton band were elected full members, and Mr. W. Spiers (Alresford) an unattached member.

Mr. Pullinger offered to give instruction to the Bishop’s Sutton band.

This meeting was one of the best quarterly meetings held in the Winchester District for some years, 41 being present at the meeting. Votes of thanks were passed to the Rectors of Old and New Alresford and the Vicar of Bishop’s Sutton for the use of the bells.

The next meeting will be held at Stockbridge on Saturday, May 7th, notice of which will be given in ‘The Ringing World.’

The Ringing World No. 830, February 18th, 1927, page 104