The annual meeting of the Winchester District was held at Winchester on Saturday [Jan. 11th]. The bells of the Cathedral were set going about three o’clock, and several members made their first attempt with 12 bells. At the same time the bells of St. Maurice were open, and offered an attraction to many. After an hour and a half’s practice, service took place at St. Maurice’s Church, which was placed at the use of the Guild by the Vicar, who, however, had an appointment elsewhere and could not take the service. The secretary found it very difficult to get a clergyman, but the gap was filled at the last minute by the Rev. W. H. Hellier, Vicar of Micheldever, who is himself a ringer. The secretary presided at the organ.

After service a splendid tea was served at Messrs. Dumper’s Restaurant, where 52 members from various towers sat down.

The business meeting followed, the Master of the Guild, Mr. Williams, being elected to the chair.

The officers were re-elected for the coming year.

A letter was received from the general secretary, Mr. Pullinger, stating that through the illness of his wife he was unable to attend. Apologies were also received from Mrs. Farquhar, an hon. member, who has recently lost her husband, and Canon Braithwaite, who was away from Winchester.

The meeting proposed that letters of condolence should be sent to Mr. Pullinger and Mrs. Farquhar. The following new members were elected: Honorary, Mrs. Wynne and Rev. Morley, both of Stockbridge; ringing members, Messrs. W. Lee, S. White, E. Harfield, A. Hutchings, D. Livingstone, C. Pierce, M. Derrick, all of Owslebury; Rev. W. H. Hellier, Vicar of Micheldever; R. Barnes, E. Keith, E. E. Keith, sen., of Bishop’s Sutton; and M. Field, of Winchester.

The secretary was unable to present a balance sheet, as there were several outstanding accounts, and it was agreed that it should be completed as early as possible, audited and passed by the Central Committee. The following meetings were arranged: Annual meeting, Winchester, second Saturday in January, 1931; Alresford and Bishop’s Sutton, May 3rd, 1930; Owslebury and Twyford, July 12th; Stockbridge and Longstock, October 11th.

After discussing various subjects, a vote of thanks to the Dean and Chapter for the use of the Cathedral bells, Rev. Watson for the use of St. Maurice’s Church, the Rev. W. H. Hellier for taking the service, and the chairman, was passed, and a move was then made to the towers, where further ringing was done.

The Ringing World No. 982, January 17th, 1930, page 42