Winchester District

About 40 members, including visitors from Bishopstoke, North Stoneham and Sherborne St. John, attended the annual meeting of the Winchester District at Winchester on February 2nd.

Six new ringing and honorary members were elected, bringing the total now to 121 and 30 respectively. All the officers were re-elected en bloc - chairman, Rev. C. E. C. Brinkworth; secretary, R. F. Brewer; assistant secretary, P. Nash; treasurer, F. C. Moreland; Ringing Master, R. Smith.

The chairman, in thanking the Ringing Master for his helpful assistance, stressed the need for closer co-operation between peal ringers and learners. He asked peal ringers to relate their engagements to practices and quarterly meetings of the Guild.

Tea was followed by Evensong at the Cathedral, and afterwards the bells were put to good use in a variety of methods.

The Ringing World No. 2396, March 1, 1957, page 141