A quarter peal, at Winchester College on March 23rd, is almost certainly the first on the bells, which were last rung for any length of time when King Charles II visited Winchester. They were unringable throughout the 18th century, and although the tower was rebuilt in the 1860's the bells were seldom rung, and in 1915 a total ban was placed on them.

In 1952 Mears and Stainbank rehung five bells and replaced the cracked 14th century third, but the tower was feared to be unsafe. Since then the outside of the tower has been cleaned and the cracks examined, and the College architect was present during the ringing to observe the motion of the tower, which is considerable as the bells are about 80 ft. from the ground (with a draught of 50 ft.). The architect was fortunately not alarmed, and it is hoped that a band of Old Wykehamists may soon ring the first peal on the bells.

The quarter peal was the first by a school band on their own bells, although Canford have rung at their parish church of Canford Magna. The band, which included the captain of the College ringers, Mr. J. G. Pusey, was led by Mr. B. D. Threlfall.

The Ringing World No. 2402, April 12, 1957, page 234