On Saturday week [Feb. 27th] one of the most successful meetings of the Yorktown district was held at Bagshot, and the following towers were represented: Blackwater, Chertsey, Farnborough, Weybridge, Yorktown, and the local band. Ringing took place during the afternoon, and the service was conducted by Canon Stewart, a most interesting address being given by Canon Challacombe, of Farnborough. An excellent tea was served in the new parish hall, admirably prepared by Mr. Nye, and other lady helpers.

At the business meeting, Canon Stewart occupied the chair, supported by Mr. C. Gray, churchwarden, and Mr. E. J. Hickox, organist.

The representatives gave their report of the proceedings at the Central Committee meeting.

Three new members were elected, viz., two from Chertsey and one from Yorktown.

The Ringing Master gave a very encouraging account of the towers and ringing in the district and a vote of thanks was given to Canon Stewart, Canon Challacombe, Mr. Hickox and Mr. Corbett, who had done everything possible to ensure an enjoyable meeting.

Standard methods were rung during the afternoon and evening.

The Ringing World No. 782, March 12th, 1926, page 172