The tower of Yateley Parish Church, where the York Town District of the Winchester Guild held a meeting on Saturday, August 21st, is one of the quaintest to be found in the diocese. The bell frame is carried on heavy timber supports carried up from the ground, but for all that they go reasonably well. The village is quite off the beaten track and rather inaccessible to the majority of ringers in the district. It was not surprising, therefore, that the attendance was somewhat small. The towers represented were: Bagshot, Blackwater, Bray (Berks), Chertsey, Sandhurst, Weybridge, Yorktown, and the local band, while the visitors included Miss Moss, of Hillingdon. Owing to the Vicar (the Rev. A. J. Howell) being on holiday, no service was held. Tea was served in the Parish Hall.

At the business meeting, Miss B. E. Stilwell occupied the chair. Three compounding members were elected, and it was decided that for the good of the district a combined practice should be held in the various towers on the regular practice night, these to be arranged at each end of the district.

Mr. Nye proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Miss B. E. Stilwell for presiding over the business meeting, to the local ringers who had arranged the tea, also the Rev. A. J. Howell for allowing the use of the bells. The standard methods were rung during the afternoon and evening.

The Ringing World No. 806, September 3rd, 1926, page 555