A meeting of the Yorktown District was held at Pirbright on Saturday [Feb. 26th]. The weather was very wet, but that did not discourage members and friends from attending from Aldershot, Chertsey, Weybridge and Worplesdon, as well as the local band. Several touches were rung on the six bells before the service, which was conducted by the Rev. H. S. Kelsey, Vicar of Pirbright, who gave an interesting address on bells. Mr. S. Argyle, A.R.C.O., of Knaphill, a friend of the late Rev. C. E. Matthews, presided at the organ. The members then adjourned to tea, which had been arranged by Mr. D. Cheeseman at Pirbright Hall. The Vicar occupied the chair for the business meeting which followed.

The minutes of the last quarterly meeting and of the special meeting held at Bagshot in connection with the proposed division of the Guild were read and confirmed.- Mr. S. G. Armstrong gave an excellent report upon the proceedings at the Central Committee meeting held at Winchester.

One new member was elected.

A vote of thanks, proposed by the hon. secretary (Mr. J. B. Hessey) and seconded by Mr. H. J. Chaffey, was passed to the Vicar for the kind way he had received the district and for his interesting address. The Vicar said he was very pleased to meet them, and hoped they would come again when the weather was more settled.

Ringing was again indulged in. Grandsire and Stedman Doubles, Plain Bob, Double Oxford Bob, Canterbury, Oxford and Kent Treble Bob were rung.

The Ringing World No. 832, March 4th, 1927, page 139