A meeting of Yorktown District was held at Egham on Saturday, August 20th, when 21 members and visiting ringers attended, including Mr. J. W. Jones, of Newport, Mon, hon. secretary of the Llandaff and Monmouth Association. Ringing did not commence until 3.40 p.m., and at 4.45 p.m. the ringers attended the Guild’s service, which was conducted by the Vicar (the Rev. A. C. Tranter). Tea had been prepared in the Parish Hall, and the Vicar afterwards occupied the chair for a short business meeting.

The Chairman expressed the pleasure of the district at the presence of Mr. Jones, and, in responding, Mr. Jones thanked them for the warm welcome they had given him, and hoped that any member visiting Newport or district would write to him, and he would try and fix up some ringing for them.

The question of diplomas for young ringers was discussed, and it was the feeling of the meeting that a badge should be given to ringers in ringing their first peal in preference to a certificate.

It was also mentioned to the members that should they leave their district they should let the captain or one in charge know, so that they might be brought into touch with another tower.

A vote of thanks was given to the Rev. A. C. Tranter for the use of the bells, for conducting the Guild’s service, and presiding at the meeting.

The tower was then again visited, and various methods rung.

The Ringing World No. 858, September 2nd, 1927, page 550