The BSC has just reformed and consists of: Martin Barnes (Rotherwick &Heckfield), Kieran Downer and Lexi Skeldon (Brading IOW), Mark Warner (Lockerley & East Tytherley), and John Simpson (Ecchinswell).

The first meeting of the new committee is planned for 26th March where officers will be elected and works in various stages will be looked at.

It is planned to carry out a visit to Droxford with Hugh Routh and Roger Barber from the old committee to sign off the work and give the new members an insight in the procedure. John Davey at Ringwood has PDF files on all previous work and it is planned to meet him to download the files for the records.

Roger Barber will be running a Belfry Maintenance Course on 15th October at Hawkley, for the Education Committee.

Work in progress or planned is as follows:-

Hawkley, St Peter & Paul
To replace the existing canon retaining headstocks on three of the bells. Overhaul of pulleys, clappers and bearings etc. (Contractor unknown.)

Basingstoke, All Saints
To augment the existing ring to form a ring of ten. (Contractor unknown.) Eta Easter 2016.

Ecchinswell, St Lawrence
To replace the existing ring of three with a lighter ring of six, extending the existing frame and all new fittings. (Contractor: Matthew Higby & Co Ltd.) Eta 2017/18 fund raising.

Houghton, All Saints
To hang two of the existing bells for chiming and install a new ring of six bells comprising two ex-Keltek Trust bells and four new bells with a tenor of approx. 3 cwt. the new frame and fittings are to be installed below the existing bell frame. (Contractor: Matthew Higby & Co Ltd.) Eta Christmas 2015.

Wherwell, St Peter & Holy Cross
To rehang the bells on all new fittings in the existing wooden bell frame. The bell frame is to be strengthened. (Contractor: Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd.) Eta on back burner (as at BRF meeting Nov 2015).

Northington, St John the Evangelist
To rehang the three bells and augment them to make a new ring of six bells. An extra floor or rope guides may be required. (Contractor unknown.)

The Financial statement below was as at 25th September 2015 when the funds were handed over to the new committee and nothing has changed since then.

Belfry Stewardship Committee Accounts at 31/12/15
Balance b/f147.85Maintenance Handbooks30.00
Travel Expenses13.95
Balance c/f103.90


Martin Barnes