A tremendous amount has been achieved this year.

In October three new members, Deborah Baker, Graham Hounslow and Rosalind Martin joined the Communications Committee. Information and passwords were shared.

We inherited a working website that delivered information about both Guild and District events, a healthy email system and a vibrant Facebook Group and we are very grateful to Rosemary Oakeshott and David Forder for their help, insights and cooperation in handing over the reins.

The need to be more connected and share news with the other methods of guild communication led us to implement a new website. This is working very well and has a huge capacity enabling not just Guild information but District, Tower and even band news items to be held and distributed. We are beginning to integrate the new system with Facebook, win-port and Twitter and we hope to continue this work to capture, manage and deliver relevant and interesting news to grass roots members of the Guild.

We are extremely grateful to Rosalind for the time she has spent building the website and being webmaster. The W and P Facebook Group and WP Twitter account continue to grow with Facebook membership standing at 233 at the moment.

All of this work adds colour, vibrancy and interesting connections to our community and is a critical modern communications arena for work, rest and play. This will be the solid base, the foundation stone of communication and information both in and out of the Guild and vindicates Viv’s drive to update and strengthen the Guild for the future.

Future plans will include:

Communications Committee Accounts at 31/12/15
Balance b/f0.00Winhost website annual fee42.87
WP website annual fee67.37
Balance c/f(109.24)


Deborah Baker