The following successful striking competitions were held during 2015:

It was disappointing to have little support for the Inter-Tower 6-bell and Inter-District 10-bell competitions, meaning that both were cancelled.

The results were as follows:

Inter-Tower 8-bell

PositionTowerMethodFaultsPeal SpeedDrawn
1stCatheringtonGrandsire Triples443h311st
2ndHursleyGrandsire Triples513h82nd
3rdRomseyStedman Triples763h304th
4thBradingCall changes1503h83rd

Inter-District 8-bell

PositionDistrictMethodScorePeal SpeedDrawn
1stPortsmouthGrandsire Triples273h56th
2ndChristchurch & SouthamptonGrandsire Triples383h235th
3rdWinchesterGrandsire Triples422h594th
4thAlton & PetersfieldGrandsire Triples443h141st
5thChannel IslandsPlain Bob Triples522h577th
6thBasingstokePlain Bob Triples723h82nd
7thIsle of WightGrandsire Triples793h13rd

Striking Competition Committee Accounts as at 31/12/15
Balance b/f3.99Printing certificates3.99
Balance c/f0.00


The fee for entering striking competitions was removed in 2013.

Peter Niblett