I have pleasure in presenting my report and accounts of the Central Fund and Central Reserve Fund for the year ended 31st December 2016. This being my first year in the post; I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have patiently answered my questions and given advice.

During the year, it was decided to set up a designated Training and Development Fund, and the Income and Expenditure Account shows amounts added to this Fund separately from the General Fund. To date, no payments have been made from the Training and Development Fund.

Income from all sources remained steady and income from Districts is shown in the table below. The decision in 2015 to reduce the amount per subscription payable to the Bell Restoration Fund from £4 to £2 has led to an increase in the amounts payable to the General Fund but this increase will not become apparent until the accounts for 2017 are completed.

Total balances at the year-end have increased modestly and are sufficient for foreseeable needs.

District subscriptions were received as follows:-

Alton & Petersfield547.75585.55
Channel Islands250.25171.00
Christchurch & Southampton592.55641.55
Isle of Wight395.85377.30


Total financial assets held by the Guild are as follows.

Central Fund2,153.002,474.98
Training and Development Fund692.32
Central Reserve Fund5,012.075,009.55


R Brandwood
15th March 2017