The Communications Team maintained a steady stream of news from across the Guild, with around 5 people posting to the site in any given month. During the year the site received over 92,000 hits. Work went well to simplify the structure and make it quicker and easier for them to post news. All tower pages were rebuilt to a core common pattern and subsequently some were customised to create variety and extra engagement with the public.

The next focus of effort will be rationalise the existing communications channels. Recent criticisms of how information is cascaded down to towers have been taken on board and members of the committee will address these in 2018, in discussion with officers, with the aim of all members receiving a weekly news email. Please continue to send your news to or to your local webmaster.

Communications Committee Accounts at 31/12/17
Balance b/f0.00Winhost website annual fee42.87
Balance c/f(42.87)


Deb Baker