The website continues to develop, with most Districts having their own webmaster who post local news and photos on the site.

There is still plenty of scope for Towers to make more use of the site, especially for recruitment. People wanting to learn to ring do visit the site, and if they see that a local tower is training new people, then they DO get in touch, especially during periods when Bellringing is in the media generally. These are quite regular partly due to the tireless efforts of the Central Council Public Relations Office.

We will endeavour to help others to become editors so they can add their stories. Training notes are posted on the site to simplify this process ongoing, and all webmasters belong to a Facebook Group so that they can give and receive quick support.

Engagement with the site is largely driven by the members receiving a copy of the “weekly news” either by email or through Facebook. This is proving to be an effective way of reaching members with all the excellent events which are organised at Tower, District and Guild Level, in addition to the traditional use of posters in towers.

Whilst a significant number of people do use this facility, we are still a long way from our aim of sending a weekly news bulletin to all members. In the short term, we would like to encourage more members (especially new recruits) to join their local District mailing list or Facebook Group. The focus of effort in the next year will be:

The Social Media aspect to the Guild is being well received with a slow trickle of interested people asking to join each month. It endeavours to spread the good word from the website and continues to be a hub of interest in the ‘Twittersphere’ The focus of effort in the next year will be:

Deb Baker