As I sit here contemplating what to put in this year’s report I think back over the last year and remember all of the ringing that has taken place in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the Great War. As I hope you all know by now we are presenting records of all such ringing, not only for this year but since 1914. The records will take the form of two leather bound books which will be presented one each to Winchester and Portsmouth Cathedrals at a service in each Cathedral.

Over the last few weeks I have been emailing invites to the Cathedral services to all of the churches in the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild area, where such ringing has taken place. There are over 180 churches. It is quite outstanding and it just brings it home how important ringing is to all of these churches and that we can provide such a wonderful way of remembering those that have fallen. I am getting some lovely responses back both from vicars/clergy who can, and those who cannot attend, thanking us for all of our efforts. We should all be proud.

The Annual General Meeting this year was held at St Michael’s in Basingstoke with the 8-bell Inter-District Striking Competition taking place in the morning. This was won by Winchester with a very respectable 95%. The three other teams taking place were Alton & Petersfield, Basingstoke and Isle of Wight. During the AGM we gave life membership to Anthony Manship, Anthony Webster and Mavis Whitehead. I wonder how many of our new recruits that came on board as part of the Ringing Remembers campaign will reach life membership. Hopefully several of them.

Unfortunately, I will not be standing again as Guild Secretary at the next AGM as, although I have enjoyed the last three years, I am due to become a Grandmother for the first time in May and want to spend more time with my family. I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me during the last three years.

Heather Frazer