The committee has carried out the following tower inspections this year:-

St John the Evangelist, Northington - Inspection of the augmentation to six using four second-hand bells and hanging the old tenor dead as a service bell. Installation of a new steel frame for the three replacement bells alongside the existing three bell wooden frame. All bells hung on new headstocks with accompanying new fittings. Installation of new floor below belfry floor. (April 2019)

The Church of the Ascension, Burghclere - Removal of cracked tenor headstock and fitment of new hardwood headstock. (May 2019)

St Catherine’s, Wolverton - Removal and overhaul of all clappers, rebuild and set up for correct striking. Fit all new pulley blocks. (May 2019)

St Peter’s, Over Wallop - Removal of cracked tenor, specialist repair and removal of remains of original crown staple, and refit with new headstock. Clean, re-lubricate and refit bearings, and fit wheel to new headstock. Service other four bells, re site rope fall on four and tenor with new double wheel pulleys. (29th November 2019)

Belfry Stewardship Committee Accounts at 31/12/19
Balance b/f100.00Balance c/f100.00


Martin Barnes