ALL SAINTS, DEANE (see The Ringing World 3770)

With permission from the Diocesan Office, Guild members spent an unpleasant Sunday 10th October 1982 clearing a path through several inches of pigeon droppings to the bell chamber and then releasing the single bell from a two foot depth of solidified, smelly guano. Recast by Whitechapel Foundry, this and the new treble were transported, manoeuvred and hung by Mr. Waldron, dedicated by the Archdeacon of Basingstoke on 3rd July 1983, and pealed to New Deane Delight, conducted by Miss Christine Joyce, on 29th August 1983.

Roman Catholic Church of THE SACRED HEART, BOURNEMOUTH (see The Ringing World 3793)

Three unwanted clock bells were rescued from Portsmouth Dockyard by Mr. Waldron, and provided the source of metal for the new fifth, cast at Taylor’s Foundry. Other bells originated from Dockenfield and Herne Hill. This splendid 3½ cwt. Taylor six was consecrated by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth on 13th October and dedicated by Fr. Maxwell-Ward on 8th December 1983.


Following an inspection by Mr. Waldron, our good friend Col. Gibbon from the Diocesan Office secured permission for removal of the single bell from the church of The Resurrection, Eastleigh, on 29th January 1983. The enthusiasts from Four Marks have now hung this bell alongside the ex-Winslade bell, for chiming. They have plans to install another three as and when other small bells can be rescued from redundant churches.


Advice on the rehanging of the single bell was provided by Mr. Grant, our Winchester D. A.C. representative. Assistance from Mr. Wimlett enabled the bell to be safely lowered and then rehung for electric chiming.


Advice was given on the rescue of the single bell and its installation in the new Worship Centre, due for building around the old church hall, next to The Dell. Alas, the demolition firm ignored all advice and dropped the bell on to the rubble from roof level. It may still be usable.


After considerable correspondence with the Central Council Redundant Bells Committee, with Portsmouth D.A.C. and the P.C.C.s, negotiations are still under way for Wootton to purchase the Gosport octave, build a tower, and for Rev. Rayner to install the bells to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the parish in 1987. All the plans are currently on display on the church notice boards.


A similar volume of correspondence has resulted in this parish paying a deposit for the ten bells from the redundant church of St.Catherine, Feltham and launching a fund raising scheme for £35,000. The newly established and very enthusiastic band, who competed in the C.I.D. striking competition this year, hope to complete the installation in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Liberation, in 1985.


An inspection by Taylor’s resulted in an estimate of over £11,000 to replace the wooden frame and for the complete rehanging of the six bells. However this installation has historic significance, being the only set of bells, frame and fittings unchanged since the foundation of the Guild in 1879, within our Guild boundaries. A visit to this church is pure nostalgia, and illustrates vividly the conditions experienced by the first 52 Guild members in 1879. Towards the end of 1983 the Rector placed Mr. Philip Taylor in charge, and he was allocated a small sum of money by the P.C.C. to maintain this historic installation and effect such repairs as possible. After many hours of work he has secured the wooden frame by bolting and bracing, quarter-turned one of the bells, and replaced enough of the worn fittings to permit ringing at Christmas and for the Carol Service. The villagers are very enthusiastic and supportive, though much hard work remains to be done.


Restoration of bearings and clapper bushes by Taylor’s. All funds raised locally and a grant from the Society for the Preservation of Isle of Wight Bells.