St Pierre du Bois, Guernsey (see The Ringing World 3863)

The redundant ring often from St Catherine’s, Feltham was successfully hung on two levels by Whitechapel, using the frame constructed locally. This excellent installation reflects the care and dedication of the local ringers, led by Philip and Jane Le Conte, who also evolved an inspiring order of service for the dedication. This took place on 27th April 1985 and was attended by our Guild Master. Jane and Philip also showed remarkable skill in their first peal on ten bells, when they participated in 5183 Grandsire Caters for the fortieth anniversary of the liberation.

St Saviour, Shanklin (See The Ringing World 3872)

After the church authorities arranged for the removal of the dangerous pinnacles, David Weir and his sister Julia have spent hours clearing out debris and muck, repairing corroded metal work and re-establishing a working belfry. The bells are now ringing again regularly for the first time since 1926 and, with the co-operation of the vicar, a local band has been taught by David. Such is their enthusiasm that they have also re-established Sunday ringing at Newchurch, after more hard work in the belfry.

St Mary, Eversley (See The Ringing World 3870 and 3886)

Two new bells were cast at Whitechapel on 11th June and the ring of four were hung in a frame for six on 30th September. This was the culmination of hours of construction work in the belfry by many local parishioners, marking the 250th anniversary of the tower. The bells were donated by Mr J Barker and, after hours of bell-handling instruction by Alan Barsby and our members from Yateley, Sunday service ringing commenced on 6th October. The Executive Committee were pleased to hear that a further two bells were cast on 7th November.

St Peter, Goodworth Clatford

Again, much fund raising and construction work in the belfry by the Clatford ringers, organised by their chairman, George Dowling, enabled the order for two new bells to be placed at Whitechapel. On 28th January 1986 the band watched as new metal and the RAF bell, obtained by Clare Le Marie, were cast into two new trebles. The band are to be congratulated upon their determination to achieve augmentation entirely through their own fund raising and show all of us that the impossible can be achieved!

St Nicholas, Kingsley (See The Ringing World 3879)

This church, declared redundant in 1975, was purchased by the Parish Council in 1980. The Friends of St Nicholas have raised money to repair the building and restore it as a church. The two bells, cast by Henry Knight in 1610 and 1614, were finally to be hung in the restored tower during the summer. Inspected by Stephen and Martin Hough and then by Francis Townsend, it was discovered that the woodwork of the tower had not been restored and the beams were incapable of supporting chiming bells.

St Mary, Abbots Ann

The PCC has applied for a faculty to augment from five to six bells in the existing frame. Mr G C Grant, our representative on the DAC, has been consulted and approval has been given.

St Leonard, Sheffield English

Replacement pulley wheels and fittings were supplied by Taylors last year. These have been fitted by the local ringers and the bells are now in action.

St Peter, Curdridge

Late in 1984 the wheel of the seventh bell was found to be unsafe. Fund raising by the local band and repairs by Jack Wonnacott have now remedied the situation and our heaviest ring of eight bells is now being rung regularly.

St John the Baptist, Greatham

The chime of two bells has been rehung by Whitechapel.

St Peter, Brown Candover

Despite the repairs carried out by the Hough brothers in 1984, these bells have again been classified as unringable. The quotation presented by Whitechapel last year is quite beyond the means of this sparse parish.