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Welcome to Tony Smith’s website, home of the definitive method collections based on the Decisions of the Central Council democratically agreed between 1891 and 2017. The collections are available in different formats, so take a moment to decide which one you need.

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Winchester & Portsmouth DG

This site incorporates information published in The Ringing World up to and including the issue dated 24th January 2020 (added Academic Delight Major, Arden Surprise Major, Dungeness Lighthouse Surprise Minor, Dunnet Head Lighthouse Surprise Minor, Hurstbourne Priors Bob Triples, Melrose Surprise Maximus, MMD Surprise Major, Palisade Alliance Major, Rugby Slow Course Triples, St Matthew Bob Triples, Stone Block Delight Minor and Upper Stoke Delight Major; updated Bicycle Ring on Tour Bob Triples, Bridgford Treble Place Major, Champion Dragon Delight Royal, Ebury Bob Maximus, Epiphany Alliance Major, Himbleton Treble Bob Minimus, Langley Treble Bob Minimus, Old Year's Day Delight Major, St Blaise Society Alliance Major and Twenty Twenty Delight Major).

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