Welcome to Tony Smith’s website, home of the definitive method collections based on the Decisions of the Central Council democratically agreed between 1891 and 2017. The collections are available in different formats, so take a moment to decide which one you need.

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This site incorporates information published in The Ringing World up to and including the issue dated 16th November 2018 (added Armistice Centennial Surprise Minor, Bartlett Surprise Major, Battle’s Over Treble Bob Minimus, Donottar Delight Major, Déjà Vu Treble Bob Minor, Le Quesnoy Surprise Minor, Lest We Forget Treble Bob Minor, Lucy Delight Minor, Raunds Alliance Major, Royal British Legion Delight Royal and Windpassing Treble Place Major; updated Athelney Castle Surprise Major, Czechoslovakia Bob Minor, Diamond Wedding Treble Place Major, Earl Waldegrave Surprise Major, Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious Alliance Major, Leysland Delight Major, Lower Broadheath Alliance Major, Lowther Castle Delight Major, Scratchy Bottom Surprise Major, St Ethelflaeda Delight Major, Tittybong Surprise Major, Xenonosocomiophobia Surprise Major, Yakky Doodle Surprise Major and Yealmpton Alliance Major).

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