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Welcome to Tony Smith’s website, home of the definitive method collections. Follow me on Twitter Follow @smith_a_p for news of latest updates. The collections are available in different formats, so take a moment to decide which one you need. Blocks now included in all collection formats except XML (which is waiting for an update to the specification and schema).

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Central Council, The Ringing World and the Winchester & Portsmouth DG

This site incorporates information published in The Ringing World up to and including the issue dated 15th September 2017 (added Albion Delight Bob Triples, Angersleigh Bob Minor, Arlecdon Surprise Major, Canon Street Station Bob Minor, Jiggery-Pokery Alliance Major, New Cambridge Surprise Minor, Pons Fractus Surprise Major, Tour of Britain Bob Minor, Vishnu Delight Major and Warrior Treble Place Minor; updated Chastleton Treble Place Minor, Corsewall Lighthouse Surprise Minor, Fancy Surprise Major, Ian’s Delight Major, Jane Austen Little Bob Triples, Jarl Surprise Royal, Old Town Delight Major, Palgrave Surprise Major, Pebworth Bob Caters, Pop Goes The Weasel Treble Place Minor, Quernmore Surprise Major and Sumorsaete Ealle Delight Major).

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