Other documents

Most methods to a Doubles peal
successive records (not including variations)

Julie McDonnell methods
Some unrung and some previously unpublished

Provisionally named methods
chronological list of provisionally named methods subsequently named differently

Renamed methods
chronological list of methods that have been renamed

Duplicate names
chronological list of names used for methods that had previously been differently named

Touches of 8-Spliced Surprise Major
coming round at the treble’s handstroke snap after 253 changes

Original Minimus
48s having each row at hand stroke and back stroke

Extents of Doubles Methods
all extents using just one type of call

Doubles Variations
from CC Plain Doubles Methods and Variations

Double Doubles
article by Andrew Wood

A Symbolic Treatment of False Course Heads
by Maurice Hodgson

Falseness in Irregular Methods
article by Roger Baldwin

Generalised Coursing Orders
article by Brian Burrows

Treble Place Triples
feasibility of extents in methods with treble in each position twice in each half-lead

More for the Olympics
letter with quarter peal composition of Five Ring Triples

Some New Touches of Grandsire Doubles
complete analysis of touches

Method Splicing Part 1. Minor Methods
by Harold Chant

Electronic Bell Ringing
article by Peter Cummins

Some thoughts on achieving good striking on 12 bells
article by Peter Furniss

Woodbine Delight
list of peals in the method showing those published under different names

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