The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Registered Charity No 270036

The first session of the 41st Council (114th Annual Meeting) will be held on Monday 30th May 2011 in the Three Counties Hotel, Belmont Road, Hereford, starting at 10.00 a.m. It will be preceded by a Corporate Communion Service at 8.15 a.m. in Holy Trinity Church, Whitecross Road.

Will members please sign the roll and be in their seats by 9.50 a.m. - the roll will invite you to sign in both as a member of The Ringing World Limited and The Ringing Foundation Limited.

The morning session will be adjourned at 12.45 p.m.; at 2.15 p.m. the Annual Meeting of The Ringing World Limited will be held; the afternoon session will resume after that Meeting.

The afternoon session will be adjourned at 4.15 p.m.; at 4.45 p.m. the Annual Meeting of The Ringing Foundation Limited will be held; if required, the afternoon session will resume after that Meeting.


  1. Opening prayer.

  2. Report of the Honorary Secretary as to the representation of societies and subscriptions.

  3. Welcome to new members.

  4. Apologies for absence.

  5. Loss of members through death.

  6. Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting (p.433).

    Corrections to the Minutes are given in Appendix A (p.432).

  7. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere on the agenda.

  8. Annual Report of the Council (p.438).

  9. Accounts for 2010 (p.439).

  10. Election of Additional Members:
    Alan Bentley, Janet Edwards, Alan Ellis, Alan Frost, Eric Godfrey and Peter Trotman retire. The following nominations have been received; in accordance with Rule 6(ii), supporting statements for the candidates are given in Appendix B (p.432) of this Agenda:

    Peter TrotmanMike ChesterChris Mew
    David WillisPatricia HallsJohn Harrison
    Adrian SemkenGeorge DawsonBernard Stone
    Alan FrostJames ClarkeChris Povey
    Alan BentleyNorman MattingleyJohn Harrison
    Elva AinsworthAndrew WilbyMichael Church
  11. Election of Officers for 2011 - 2014:

    PresidentKate FlavellJackie RobertsErnie de Legh-Runciman
    Vice-PresidentChris MewMike ChesterChristopher O’Mahony
    Hon SecretaryMary BoneRobert CoolesJohn Baldwin
    Hon Assistant SecretaryJohn CaterGill HughesPip Penney
    Carol FranklinAlan ReginAndrew Preston
    Robin WalkerIan OramJohn Couperthwaite
    Hon TreasurerDerek HarbottleAngela NewingMichael Church
  12. Election of Independent Examiners.
    Jeremy Cheesman and Richard Wallis retire; both are eligible for election.

  13. Motions:

    (A) That the subscription be increased to £25 per representative member from 1st January 2012.

    Proposed on behalf of the Administrative Committee by Derek Harbottle (Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association), seconded by Mary Bone (ex-officio).

    [Explanatory note: The subscription is currently £20 per representative member and this has been the amount since 1st January 2007. This provides income to the General Fund of £4,000. The affiliation subscriptions are intended to cover the cost of conducting the business of the Council. The cost of the Council’s meeting venues has steadily increased and together with other costs of the annual meeting and committee expenses amounted to £5,881 in 2010 and £5,761 in 2009. Currently, other costs are increasing: VAT to 20%, train fares and postage rates at +11%. The Administrative Committee also intend to review the level of the subscription rate on a regular basis, to enable a smaller rate of increase but more frequently.
    This proposal will provide an additional £1,000 income to the General Fund.]

    (B) That Decision (E) D.4 be amended to replace the words preceding “or includes it in a multi-method peal” so that it starts as follows:

    “The band that first rings a peal of a new method complying with Parts A to D of the Decision on Peal Ringing or, in the case of Doubles or Minor only, rings an extent or round block as permitted in Part B.2 of the Decision on Peal Ringing, …”

    Proposed on behalf of the Methods Committee by Peter Niblett (Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild), seconded by Robin Woolley (Southwell and Nottingham Diocesan Guild).

    (C) That Decision (E) A.2 be deleted and replaced with the following:

    “A call is a means of passing from one course of a method to another. It is not part of the definition of the method. A call may be effected in one of the following ways:

    (a) by altering the places made between two or more consecutive rows without altering the length of a lead;

    (b) by omitting changes, altering the length of the lead.”

    Proposed on behalf of the Methods Committee by Philip Saddleton (Ancient Society of College Youths), seconded by Richard Edwards (Kent County Association).

  14. To receive, discuss and if thought fit to adopt the reports of the following Committees; and to pass such resolutions as may be necessary on matters arising from the reports. In all cases one-third of the present members retire and are eligible for re-election if still members of the Council.

    The appointment of the Steward of the Library will be taken after the presentation of the Library Committee report. Alan Glover is proposed by John Eisel and seconded by Paul Johnson.

    (a) Administrative (p.442):
    John Cater will no longer be a Council member. Roger Bailey and Anthony Lovell-Wood retire. Roger Bailey is not seeking re-election. Brian Meads has become an ex-officio member. There are 4 vacancies.

    (b) Compositions (p.442):
    Paul Flavell, Philip Larter and John Thompson retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (c) Education (p.442):
    Simon Linford and John Mabe will no longer be Council members. John Atkinson and Pip Penney retire. John Atkinson is not seeking re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

    (d) Information and Communications Technology (p.443):
    Michael Wilby will no longer be a Council member. Peter Trotman retires. There are 3 vacancies.

    (e) Library (p.443):
    Paul Johnson retires. Alan Glover will become an ex-officio member of the Committee. There are 2 vacancies.

    (f) Methods (p.444):
    Richard Edwards and Leigh Simpson retire. There are 3 vacancies.

    (g) Peal Records (p.444):
    Alan Baldock, Mark Bell and Ben Duke (co-opted) retire. There are 3 vacancies.

    (h) Public Relations (p.448):
    Neil Donovan will no longer be a Council member. Beverley Faber and John Harrison retire. There are 6 vacancies.

    (i) Publications (p.450):
    Andrew Aspland and Derek Jones will no longer be Council members. There are 2 vacancies.

    (j) Redundant Bells (p.450):
    Ian Hastilow and Julian Newman retire. There are 2 vacancies.

    (k) Ringing Centres (p.451):
    Peter Dale (co-opted), Janet Edwards and Norman Mattingley retire. Janet Edwards does not seek re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

    (l) Ringing Trends (p.452):
    John Cater will no longer be a Council member. Beryl Norris retires. There is 1 vacancy.

    (m) Towers & Belfries (p.452):
    William Jones, Adrian Semken and Jim Taylor will no longer be Council members. Michael Banks and David Kirkcaldy retire. There are 4 vacancies.

    (n) Tower Stewardship (p.452):
    David Burgess and Robert Wood retire. Robert Wood does not seek re-election. There are 2 vacancies.

    (o) Bell Restoration (p.453):
    Pat Albon (co-opted), Kate Flavell, Robin Shipp and Peter Wilkinson retire. Kate Flavell is not seeking re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

    (p) Biographies (p.454):
    Dinah Rhymer will no longer be a Council member. Jane Mason and Judith Rogers retire and are not seeking re-election. There are 4 vacancies.

  15. (a) Report of the Stewards of the Carter Ringing Machine Collection (p.455).

    (b) Appointment of Stewards for 2011 - 2014: Alan Berry is proposed by Andrew Wilby and seconded by George Dawson; Bill Purvis is proposed by George Dawson and seconded by Andrew Wilby.

  16. (a) Report of the Steward of the Rolls of Honour (p.455).

    (b) Appointment of Steward for 2011 - 2014: Alan Regin is proposed by Yvonne Cairns and seconded by James Blackburn.

  17. (a) Report of the Stewards of the Dove Database (p.455).

    (b) Appointment of Stewards for 2011 - 2014: John Baldwin is proposed by Robert Cooles and seconded by Angela Newing; Tim Jackson is proposed by Michael Church and seconded by Patricia Halls.

  18. Central Council Rescue Fund for Redundant Bells (registered charity no. 278816) (p.456):
    Report and Accounts.

  19. Future meetings.

  20. Any other business.

Mary Bone
Hon Secretary

The Ringing World, April 29, 2011, pages 430 to 431

Appendix A
Corrections to the Minutes of the 2010 Annual Meeting:

item 6, line 9: Harold Clark (not Clarke)

item 12: insert at line 14 “(A) That Honorary Members be replaced by Additional or Ex-officio Members, that the relationship between the Council and The Ringing Foundation be formalised and that other rules be simplified, by making the following changes:”

item 13(i), line 7: Andrew Aspland (not Apsland)

Appendix B
Additional Member Nominations - Supporting Statements

Peter Trotman

Peter Trotman has been a member of Council and a very active member of the ICT/Computer Co-ordination Committee since 1996; being a past Chairman. He has since 2000 been our Webmaster and spends much time keeping its content up to date and adding new material on behalf of the Officers and most Council Committees.

One significant work in progress is the online version of the Rolls of Honour, listing 1500+ ringers who gave their lives in the Great War and the Second World War. Many photographs supplied by the Steward of the Roll are still being added to complement the listings of the ringers’ names and other details. More recently, Peter has been helping the Biographies Committee to publish online its existing collection of biographical records of past members of the Council. A second stage will address the Committee’s future research into biographical information of other significant ringers.

As the website has grown over the past 10 years it has become increasingly labour intensive to maintain and is heavily dependent on Peter’s knowledge of its inner workings. Consequently he has started work on a major conversion, based on a content management system (CMS), which will facilitate future growth and allow more participation by others.

As there is still much to be done we feel that it is very much in Council’s interest to elect him as an Additional Member in order that he can continue to guide this project towards a successful conclusion. We are therefore delighted to nominate him.

Proposed byMike Chester
Seconded byChris Mew

David Willis

I should like to propose David Willis of Barnstaple as an additional member of the Council. In the past year he has given a tremendous amount of help to the Biographies Committee in particular by finding the dates of birth and death of deceased Council members and also by finding the full names of members where previously we had only initials. In addition to searching for missing dates and names, he has contacted numerous people in order to verify some of the more difficult facts and to find new avenues for research. He has used his own initiative to find information which was missing.

He is interested in the work of the Biographies Committee and I am sure he will continue to make a valuable contribution to this work in the future and I would like his work to be recognised by his being elected to the Council.

Proposed byPatricia Halls
Seconded byJohn Harrison

Adrian Semken

Adrian Semken has served as an Association Representative member of the Essex Association since 1995. Whilst serving he has been a member of the Education Committee, and more recently on the Towers & Belfries Committee for about 10 years. In this capacity he has been a hard working Committee member looking after enquiries in the East of England, as well as leading in the preparation of the new Maintenance Handbook. With his wide experience of bell restoration work he will continue to be a useful member of the Committee, & I therefore commend him to you.

Proposed byGeorge Dawson
Seconded byBernard Stone

Alan J Frost

We wish to propose Mr Alan Frost as an Additional Member of Council. He has served the Council in general and a number of its committees in particular for many years with great distinction. His calm, measured and professional approach to issues encourages people to listen when he speaks, and the Council is indeed fortunate to have members of his style and calibre within it.

On behalf of the Towers & Belfries Committee, of which he is a past Chairman, he is an invaluable member being our only Architect. He gives us his expertise in this respect, together with a great authority arising from his significant professional work as well as his position as DAC Bell Advisor to three significant dioceses. His long, deep and practical experience of the subject is greatly appreciated, by both fellow committee members and, equally importantly, the church representatives to whom we provide advice.

Alan also serves currently as a directly elected member of the Administrative Committee and on the Redundant Bells Committee. I am sure these committees also value his services and wish him to continue his work with them.

Proposed byJames Clarke
Seconded byChris Povey

Alan Bentley

Alan was first elected to the Council in 2008 and immediately became a member of the Ringing Centres Committee being responsible for the data bases it retains. In recent years he has acted as collator for Ringing Centre reports and web-site updates. He was the author of the Ringing Centres Marketing strategy paper. He assisted at the Stoneleigh Roadshow in the Personal Development Zone and is at present involved in organising a seminar on behalf of the Committee.

Alan manages the Aston Clinton Ringing Centre and is actively involved in arranging teaching events for the Oxford Diocesan Guild’s Education Committee, of which he is an elected member, and of award schemes to encourage the development of young ringers.

He is now active as a tutor in the ITTS Beta Phase. He would particularly wish to stimulate further interest of this scheme amongst Ringing Centres generally. His professional qualifications and experience in Technical Education and with the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers gives him experience and knowledge of current practices in the commercial world which is of great value to the Committee and very useful to the Council generally.

His work on behalf of his “home” association, the experience of the world of commerce, the work he has completed and is at present undertaking for the Committee and his commitment to ITTS and its future is evidence of his value to the Council and the Ringing Centres Committee.

Proposed byNorman Mattingley
Seconded byJohn Harrison

Elva Ainsworth

We propose that Elva Ainsworth be elected an Additional Member of the Council to help develop, facilitate and lead the Council’s mission “A Healthy Future” for ringing. Out of this mission should come: -

Elva facilitated the first consultative project meeting in November 2010, has advised on the project development since and is willing and able to help organise and facilitate the proposed next stages including a National Consultative Conference in November 2011 and development of the Youth Forum.

Elva is Managing Director of Talent Innovations Ltd, a market leading specialist in human resources and people development solutions based in Kings Langley, Herts. She is a member of a wellknown ringing family, a member of the University of Bristol Society and SRCY. She brings a wide knowledge of ringing and ringers to the project as well as her professional expertise.

Proposed byAndrew Wilby
Seconded byMichael Church

The Ringing World, April 29, 2011, page 432

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